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George HarrisMarch 26, 20202min370


The silicone caulking about the cultured-marble pan along with the ceramic tile wall in my own shower stall needs to be substituted. Is there a exclusive source for this objective?

Gene Ackert, Ramona, CA


I’m convinced there’s, though I’ve barely ever experienced to utilize one. I’ve experienced very superior luck using a utility knife along with a glass scraper using a razor blade. Initial, slit via each and all aspects of the bead using the knife, and then pull out everything you can by hand. Then, keep the scraper in a shallow angle to stay from scratching the outside region, and remove some residual caulk. Subsequent, wash the surface with an abrasive pad soaked in mineral spirits to eliminate any silicone residue, which can prevent the brand new sealant from adhering.

Obtain brand new mildew-resistant caulk that’s formulated to be used in bogs, and just use it to surfaces which are bone-dry. If that there is a wetness, sterile silicone won’t adhere suitably.

from March 2007