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George HarrisFebruary 11, 20204min1050


1. Start off by securing the harness system to the roof, pursuing the producer’s instructions to guarantee they’re arrange appropriately.
2. Using the drive broom, frivolously sweep the roof to get off as a whole lot of the unfastened moss as possible.
3. Put in a zinc strip across the ridge of the roof. When it rains, water will resolve up the particulates within the zinc and deposit them alongside the roof, avoiding way more moss from increasing.
a. Roll out the zinc strip beneath a category of shingles, permitting for about fifty p.c of it to be uncovered and the opposite half beneath the shingles.
b. Nail roofing nails about midway by way of the zinc strip, simply to get it held in space.
c. Implement a bead of roofing cement throughout every particular person nail upfront of nailing all of them the way in which through. This will allow seal up the opening constructed by driving the nail.
d. The second the nail is all the way in which because of, add a further bead of roofing cement on prime rated of the nail.
e. Repeat this plan of action for all of the nails.
4. Underneath the roof, spray any crops or grass with water to defend them from any runoff bleach which will presumably tumble off the roof in the course of the upcoming strategies.
5. In the pump sprayer, pour a combination of about 1/Three a gallon of bleach to 1½ gallons of water.
6. Spray the bleach mixture on the roof. The bleach will kill off any leftover moss across the subsequent few of days.
7. Remove the harness system from the roof.
8. Spray any vegetation and grass beneath the roof with water once more when the method is achieved.


When engaged on a roof, safety is fairly necessary. Tom included a roof anchor to the rafters, wore a harness, and used a safety line. These will be ordered at dwelling facilities or {hardware} retailers.

Tom used a press broom to softly eliminate the free objects of moss.

He then arrange a roll of zinc strip moss preventer, which will be obtained on-line or at specialty outlets.

Ultimately, he sprayed down the roof working with a different of water and bleach. He began on the base of the roof and labored up in order that he wouldn’t step on damp places and slip.

Searching List:

  • Zinc strip
  • Roofing nails
  • Roofing cement
  • Pump sprayer
  • Bleach