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Foggy Brick Workout

Saturday mornings are reserved for my brick workouts. Bricks are so different from my weekly route that I really look forward to them. I also love how much farther you can go on a bike than by foot in the same amount of time.

I slept in a little bit this morning and then headed out on my bike. I did my favorite 17 mile loop where I head straight to the lake path, cycle south until I reach Hyde Park, cycle back north going a little past my apartment, and then loop through the city. Fellow Chicagoans please do not be afraid to head south on Lake Shore. You are truly missing out. The path is not nearly as crowded as it is up north and the views coming back into the city are spectacular. There are also quite a few hills, a rarity in Chicagoland but valuable for training. Sounds good right? Try it :).

I always turn around at the point near Hyde Park and the views from the tip of the point are amazing. I brought my iPhone with me today so I could snap a picture but unfortunately it was too foggy to see the city.

Bummer. Maybe next Saturday.

I did get to see the end of the sun rise from the point though. I love being close to the water!

As I was biking back into the city I finally started to come across groups of runners. CARA must have started later this morning? Dealing with runners definitely slows me down but I kind of enjoy weaving around people on my bike. It’s helping me improve my steering and general contorl. Plus it keeps me on my toes :P.

After finishing my ride, I secured my bike in our storage unit and headed out for a 3 mile run. My usual goal with brick workouts is to do my run portion pretty fast. However, as I raced a 5k earlier in the week, I figured it would be best to let my body fall into its own natural rhythm. Interestingly enough, that rhythm was about a 7:14 min/mile. Hmm… could have used some of that speed over the last few days.

Lots of errands on the agenda today! Have a great one :)

Edited to add: for those of you who are as obsessed with the Olympics as I am, check out this article on the female athletes to watch!

Weekend Update

Hey guys! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend :). I decided to unplug myself for a few days and while I had a nice break from the computer, I missed blogging and interacting with all of you guys. So, here’s how I spent my time this weekend!

On Saturday morning I woke up way too early to squeeze in an abbreviated brick workout. I took my mom’s bike out for an 8 mile ride and then ran a mile in 7:07. Thankfully the weather cooperated and it wasn’t uncomfortably hot at 7 a.m. when I was running. I love cloud cover :).

When I got back to my mom’s I was greeted by this little face. She’s so precious when she’s not biting (currently teething) or having accidents in the house.

I was pretty hungry so I made a bowl of oatmeal using 1/2 cup oats, 1.25 cups water, 1 tsp chia seeds, and some cinnamon. I topped it with almond butter.

It did the trick.

After breakfast my mom and I did some me-specific grocery shopping (I brought a few things from home but obviously couldn’t bring a lot of refrigerated goods). We picked up a lot of fruit. I love summer berries and stone fruit!

Once Ian woke up, we ran some errands and ended up stopping at the food court at the local mall for some lunch.

I had a huuuuge salad with broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms, onion, and chickpeas. I only could eat about half of this and even with Ian helping out we couldn’t finish it. When I got home I also had a banana and almond butter with a little cereal. The salad filled my belly but definitely didn’t have any calories or staying power to last me very long.

We relaxed for a little while and I took a much needed nap. You can thank Ian for this picture.

Saturday night was spent with my dad for an early Father’s Day dinner. We went to Beverly Hills Grill and I had a grilled vegetable salad with salmon. It was awesome and I’m sorry I forgot to snap a picture!

When I got home I had a pineapple smoothie for dessert (pineapple + rice milk + ice).

I also drove Ian to Sonic so he could have a lime creamslush. What can I say, I’m a good girlfriend :P.

On Sunday morning I woke up really early again to go for a run. I completed 6 miles at an average pace of 7:41 min/mile. My legs felt great but my body was tired. I really need to sleep! It was also super humid out and the air was really thick which made running difficult.

When I got home I made another pot of oatmeal this time whipping in banana and adding strawberries. Delicious!

After breakfast I read on the couch for a bit and ended up falling back asleep. Obviously I had a nice, lazy weekend.

A few hours later, we were in for a treat. Ian and I brought Sonic along to see how he would do with my mom’s new puppy. Well, there wasn’t any fighting or hissing but Sonic was most definitely a little scared of Dharma; however, he was also incredibly curious.

Dharma could have cared less and was obviously just looking for a playmate while Sonic could not figure out what kind of creature was now living at my mom’s house.

It was pretty amusing and even though Sonic was not 100% comfortable with Dharma, he did a lot better than I expected. It will probably just take some time.

Lunch was a piece of brown rice bread with hummus and lettuce and some sugar snap peas.

I also had a peach and a small piece of bread with almond butter.

Sorry for the blurry pictures. I think the setting on my camera must have changed without me realizing it.

The afternoon was spent making a trip out to the park where my tri is on Wednesday (wanted to make sure we knew where to go) and then shopping around for a special purpose (more on that later).

Ian had to leave around 4:30 with our furball, so I packed up Sonic and said goodbye to my boys. I’ll miss them but I think that they’re due for a little bonding time.

After snacking on a ton cherries and snap peas, my mom and I finally decided that an early dinner was in order.

We had steamed artichokes and I had a millet salad that I made by mixing cooked millet, sauteed vegetables (summer squash, snap peas, mushrooms), and a red wine vinegar + oil dressing (again sorry for the pic). It was very good.

Dessert was my protein shake and a banana microwaved with some almond butter. I was craving something “creamy” and it worked.

I spent the night parked on the couch watching t.v. and relaxing while this little devil ran around the house.

This morning I woke up and debated heading out for a run. I don’t want to overdo it and Monday’s are usually my rest days but I also know that I have to take it easy tomorrow. I decided to head out for a run later on in the day when its hot (I only want to do a few miles) to see how my body does. It’s supposed to be 94 on Wednesday and the race is in the evening so immitating race conditions might not be a bad idea.

Instead of working out, I dug into some overnight oats.

1/2 cup oats, 1/3 cup water, 1/3 cup rice milk, 1 tsp chia seeds, cherries (halved and pitted), and some salted nuts on top.

I have a few things I want to get done today, including potentially making a big purchase. Any ideas what I might buy?

Have a great day!

Intuitive Tapering

As many of you know my triathlon is next week. It’s also on a Wednesday AND it’s a night. Pretty bizarre right? Well, the scheduling also made tapering strange. I prefer Monday’s to be my rest days and I like to do my long runs on Sundays. I decided that rather than trying to structure a specific taper to fit my schedule, I would just taper intuitively by listening to my body.

So far it’s looked like this:
Monday- OFF + bike to work and doctors office (7 miles)
Tuesday- 4 mile run + 1,650 meter swim (intervals) + bike to work (5 miles)
Wednesday- 6 mile run + bike to work
Thursday- 6 mile ellipitcal + bike to work
Friday- 4 mile elliptical + 1,650 meter swim + bike to work

As you can see the last two days I’ve “chosen” to elliptical instead of run. There are two reasons for this (a) The back part of my right foot has felt tender the last week or so. I think it has to do with my bike and how my foot falls on the pedal so I’ve started wearing my running shoes while I bike and then I change into work shoes at the office (b) I wanted to be proactive and prevent a potential injury. I also don’t have access to ellipticals in Michigan and will be there until Thursday so I figured I should take the break sooner rather than later. I’m honestly not too worred about the foot. It doesn’t feel anything like my heel fracture and I don’t think its running related but I still want to be careful.

For someone who is a planner, I can’t believe that I’m okay with doing any form of intuitive training. For all of my long race I’ve always set out a training plan and stuck with it regardless of anything else but for some reason being more relaxed this time just feels right.

I’m hoping to get in an abbreviated brick workout on Saturday, a good 5-6 mile run on Sunday, and then another swim on Sunday or Monday. I may also jog a few miles on Tuesday just to keep my legs loose but we’ll see how all the body parts are feeling.

Have you ever trained or tapered intuitively? What did you think?

Alright I’m off to work and then headed home to Michigan. Have a great day!

Date Night {Arami}

This past week was incredibly busy. It was so busy that Ian and I didn’t have much time to spend together. In fact, we hadn’t had a meal together since Wednesday night. We had to fix that and we did it in the best way possible, a date night!

We went to Arami Sushi, a smaller sushi restaurant in Ukranian Village. Arami is known for their innovation and their fresh fish and everytime Ian and I’ve eaten there the food has been delicous and the service wonderful.

Things were a little tricky given my elimination diet but a quick e-mail to my doctor assured me that fish, rice, and seaweed would be okay but that I should be mindful of fried rolls, sauces with mayo, and soy products. It seemed like a great excuse to order nigiri! (I also asked for fresh wasabi as some of the other varieties contain gluten).

We ordered two salmon and two yellowtail nigiri (my doctor also suggested I avoid tuna due to the higher mercury content) and Ian and I had one of each.

The salmon was phenomenal and I’m not usually a salmon sashimi fan (love it in rolls though). It was incredibly fresh and full of flavor, even without soy sauce or ginger.

I also had two pieces of grilled avocado nigiri.

At first I was nervous because the avocado was drizzled with a spicy mayo sauce but I found out that it was a vegan mayo and even though I’m not sure the ingredient list would have stood up to the elimination diet I’m doing right now, it didn’t contain any of my allergens so I went for it. They were really good and I feel okay so far today so my fingers are crossed it continues!

I also ordered one of the special nigiri of the night, Korean red snapper.

This was also really tasty and had more flavor than the yellowtail but was not as good as the salmon.

Ian also ordered kani nigiri and a roll to fill him up.

After dinner we plopped ourselves down on the couch where I had a pumpkin smoothie and some veggies in hummus (I was still a liitttle bit hungry) and watched some Mad Men. We need to pick up the pace a bit, we’re only in season 3!

This Morning
This morning I woke up early to beat the heat AND the runners with a brick workout (I don’t think I beat either ;)). I got out my bike and headed to the lakeshore path where I rode 6 miles in one direction, turned around, and rode the 6 miles home. It ended up taking me about 50 minutes on the path and an hour counting biking to and from the path. Considering all of the bikers, runners, and walkers, I’m happy with the pace.

When I got back to my apartment, I locked my bike up front and headed out for a two mile run. I arrived back around 7:30 a.m. and it was already really warm. Yikes! I’m going to have to wake up even earlier to fit in my run tomorrow morning :-/.

I ran a mile out and then turned around and ran home. My first mile clocked in at 7:36 and my second at 7:14. I was actually quite impressed with my legs but I don’t know that I could have kept that up for another mile, at least not in the heat after biking for an hour.

All I wanted for breakfast was something cold so I had a big bowl of cereal that included 1/2 cup brown rice cereal, 1/2 cup puffed millet, 1/2 T walnuts, 1/2 T pumpkin seeds, a sliced banana, almond butter, and then a drizzle of honey on top of everything. I also used rice milk. It was so good!

I’m off to relax. I’m debating going a nap because we have another busy weekend ahead of us (are they ever not busy?). Plans for today include a trip to the Printers Row Lit Fest, errands, and a Sox game (I’ve never been!). Have a wonderful day!

What do you have going on today? Anything exciting?

An Unconventional Memorial Day

Ian and I spent most of Memorial Day on our couch watching Madmen. Our only breaks consisted of walking over to Whole Foods to pick up some groceries that were unavailable at Trader Joes on Saturday and snacking. Not too shabby.

Around 4 p.m., right when we got back from our walk (we were sweating, 90 degrees in May… yikes!), I whipped us up some smoothies.

Mine had raspberries, blueberries, and coconut milk in it. I topped it with some gluten-free granola and ate it with two pitted medjool dates stuffed with peanut butter. Yum!

We then spent the night at Bar Louie for trivia. I enjoyed a glass of wine and a Blue Moon (wine pours were ridiculously small) and Ian and I split two appetizers.

First we tried the Adobe Shrimp Skewers that were really spicy (and good!) but on the smaller side.

And then we ordered the parmesan truffle tots which for $8 tasted like normal tater tots sprinkled with parmesan. We needed more truffle oil!

Trivia was more difficult the week and it was just us (what, not everyone wants to spend Memorial Day at trivia?) but we still managed to finish in third place and we won a free appetizer. Bar Louie you just keep us coming back for more.

After trivia we walked over to Dairy Queen in search of the evasive confetti cake blizzard but they were out of it again. Bummer! I decided that nothing else was worth it and just had a few bites of Ian’s. Good thing Target makes a similar type of ice cream because it doesn’t look like the confetti cake blizzard will be mine anytime soon.

This morning I woke up early and went out for a 4 mile run. My legs felt rested and I held a fairly steady pace of about a 7:40 min/mile. It was warm but the sun wasn’t out which made a huuuge difference. I never felt overheated.

After my run, I headed to the pool where I cranked out 1650 meters using a modified (shortened) version of my Interval workout. I basically eliminated the pulls and kicks and moved the cooldown to the warm-up where I need it.

I had originally planned on dropping my stuff off at the apartment and racing out the door to work, but I decided that I wanted a few minutes to myself at home. I’m not quite ready to let the weekend go!

However, breakfast creativity was nonexistant so I ate my packed breakfast at the kitchen counter with a cup of coffee.

Whatever works right?

Also if you’re catching up from the weekend, I spent Friday night on a surprise date night, Saturday ziplining, and on Sunday I had an amazing run. I also created a Favorite Posts page that you should check out!

Have a great Monday Tuesday!

Quote of the day:
“That’s the thing about running: your greatest runs are rarely measured by racing success. They are moments in time when running allows you to see how wonderful your life is.” -Kara Goucher