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Monday Things {12-10-2012}

1. On Friday night, Ian and I went to Cafe Iberico and decided to enjoy some sangria, split a few tapas, and then each order our own paella so that we would have leftovers for the weekend.

The first thing we split was the ensalada mixta (Spanish style mixed salad with asparagus, beets, hearts of palm, endive, dressed with our vinaigrette and wine dressing) which was good but I could have done without the iceberg lettuce.

Next we split the gambas al ajillo (grilled shrimp with olive oil, garlic and wine) and Ian tried the croquetas de pollo (chicken and ham puffs served with ali-oli sauce). I really liked the shrimp and thought that the restaurant did a good job of seasoning them.

I decided to order the vegetarian paella and it was overcooked and just okay. I also thought it was weird that Ian’s pork paella had beans in it and mine didn’t. Oh well, I didn’t end up eating that much of it and gave most of my leftovers to Ian.

I think I’d go back to Cafe Iberico but probably only for drinks. The restaurant had a nice vibe and was very upbeat but unfortunately, the food didn’t wow me.

2. I decided to do my long run on Saturday to avoid the rain on Sunday and was unpleasantly surprised to still get rained on and to face some nasty wind. It was quite the foreshadowing run of winter workouts to come. It definitely could have been worse, but I was much happier after I reached my turnaround point and ran home with the wind at my back.

3. Saturday afternoon, I went over to Bethany‘s to decorate cookies. Bethany provided the decorating supplies (along with quite a few cookies!) and we brought lunch and more cookies to decorate.

After lunching on salad and veggies we got to decorating cookies.

I am quite possibly the least creative and worst cookie decorator of all time but it was still a blast to hang out with the girls and be all festive. Thanks again Bethany for having us over!

4. I was planning on running a few shakeout miles on Sunday morning so after sleeping in until 9, I convinced Ian to come along to the gym with me (it was raining).

Unfortunately, my gym wanted to charge Ian $20 for a guest pass which is totally unreasonable and not worth it for a 30 minute workout. At that point I decided to forget my run and we did our grocery shopping instead. I felt like a bum for skipping some miles last week but the gloomy weather and my gym’s stupid policies really made me unmotivated.

5. The rain started to pick up quite a bit during the afternoon so after walking back from Trader Joe’s and changing out of our soaking wet gym clothes, Ian and I decided to order in sushi for lunch and watch Netflix. We decided to order from Butterfly Sushi Bar (because they were both open and delivered to our apartment) and were pleasantly surprised by how good everything was!

We each started with a green salad (babymix green, tomato, avocado, sesame seed and mango with asian ginger dressing) and then split four rolls (it was a little much but Ian was really hungry).

We tried the not pictured ninja maki (snow crab meat, seared asparagus, avocado wrapped with seared super white tuna, wasabi and black tobiko, and scallions – we asked for no mayo), the not pictured summer maki (tuna, yellowtail, jalapeno, avocado, cilantro, and chili oil), a salmon and avocado maki, and then a hamachi jalapeno maki.

My favorites were the summer maki and the hamachi jalapeno.

Now tell me, how was your weekend?

Moving Friday

Happy Saturday guys, are you all as excited as I am that its FINALLY the weekend? Also, thanks for everyone for leaving thoughtful comments on my last post, I know health insurance and the health industry in general can be pretty polarizing but given all of the reform being discussed and underway, I think its important to talk about.

Yesterday was a work out day of epic proportions. Not because I ran 20 miles or biked for 3 hours but because I used so many different muscles! I started the morning with a four mile run. My legs felt heavy (as they should after an increase in activity) so I decided to bring my phone, run slow, and take some pictures.

Chicago is really beautiful at 5:30 in the morning.

City shot.

I ended up running a little over an 8 min/mile but given my sore legs, the fact that I was stopping for pictures, and that many roads/pathways were closed for the NATO summit, the pace was reasonable.

When I got home, I threw on my swimsuit, grabbed my gym bag, and headed over to the gym. I know this is going to sound ridiculous but I realized yesterday that I have no idea what the length of my pool is. I’ve been thinking it was meters but typing yards on here and now I’m all confused. I’ll have to check next time I stop in! Either way, I swam 1,650 whatever and felt speedier than usual. I love feeling stronger :-D

After swimming, I walked home, dropped my gym bag off, grabbed my lunch, and biked to work. I fit in a lot of activity before 8:15 a.m!

Ian and I watched a Mad Men and I got the itch to bake and made him some rice pudding (I make amazing rice pudding by the way) and then we headed out to Happy Village, a neighborhood bar about 5 miles from us to meet some friends from Michigan who have just moved to the city.

I enjoyed a Blue Moon and an Oberon (ick, I don’t like it this year!) and then like the geriatrics we are, Ian and I called it a night. Being in bed by 11:15 on a Friday night is what all the cool kids are doing now ;).

The furbaby woke me up at 7 this morning with some scratchy kisses so I got out of bed and played with him for a while. I have a bike + run on the schedule this morning before Ian and I grab brunch so I snacked on some banana bread with sunflower butter, bananas, and walnuts and a little sidecar of cereal because I knew I would never make it until noon without needing a little something.

I’m off to get my ride on- have a wonderful Saturday!

The Start of Tri Training

Yesterday marked the start of my tri training so I was up bright and early to knock out both a run and a swim. I snacked on a medjool date with some sunflower butter and a couple sips of kefir and then headed out for my run. I ran four miles along the lakeshore path and it was absolutely beautiful. I kind of love Chicago at 5 a.m! There were hardly any people out and I got to see the sun rise. Gorgeous!

My run took about half an hour and when I was finished I raced up to the apartment, put on my bathing suit, grabbed my bags, and then headed towards my gym. About 20 minutes later I jumped into the pool and swam a mile. Whew! Busy morning!

I managed to pack everything for the day (including breakfast and lunch) but my tumbler was leaking so I couldn’t pack coffee. On my way to work I decided to treat myself to Starbucks and picked up a grande iced americano with soy milk to enjoy on my commute.

Do you monitor your intake of a nutrient (or nutrients)? If so which ones and how do you do it? Besides making sure I’m getting enough of each food group, I loosely watch my protein intake but making sure at least two of my three meals involve a heavy source of protein.

Have a great day :)

Almost Wordless Thursday

First I want to thank all of you for your comments on my last post! I somehow managed to survive my capstone presentation and today have my second of three presentations this week. I’m sure you’re jealous ;).

Also, I’ve had two pain-free and hamstring-spasm free runs this week! Yesterday I completed a strong 5 miles and today another good 3. I’ve missed feeling good after a run! Fingers crossed that my hamstring continues to heal!

Lastly, if you haven’t already, don’t forget to enter my RnR race bib giveaway (half OR full marathon). The giveaway closes Friday evening, so make sure to enter before then!

I’m off to tackle another busy day. By this time next week I’ll be all done with school! Have a wonderful Thursday!

Dollar Burgers & Race Registration

I can’t believe I leave for Boston in two days, crazy! Packing and preparations are currently underway but there will be more on that in tomorrow’s post.

I worked most of the morning (have some stuff to get done before leaving on Friday) but took a break around 11 to register for this.


Yep that’s right, next January I will be tackling the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge. I think I’m more excited about escaping the Chicago cold for a couple of days :).

Ian and I didn’t do a traditional grocery trip last weekend so it’s slim pickins at the apartment this week. We decided that in lieu of calzone Tuesday we would go to Bar Louie for dollar burgers (portobella for me).

I went with a portobella burger with pepper jack cheese, tomatoes, grilled onions, and pickles and it only cost about $3.00.

Ian and I also split fries and tots.

Not too shabby for dollar night!

I spent the rest of the evening doing homework and then at 11 plopped down on the couch to watch an episode of Friends before bed. I most definitely did not get enough sleep and am paying for it this morning!

Have a great Wednesday guys!