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Things I’m Lovin’ Thursday ~ 2/23/2012

Today I’m switching things up and doing my Things I’m Lovin’ Thursday a little differently. I decided that instead of posting about something that I’m currently loving, I’m going to post about something that I have mixed feelings about. It’s always more interesting to talk about controversial topics anyway :P


I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with the dreadmill treadmill. While I appreciate it’s usefulness, I find running in place to be so boring. I sometimes even feel like a hamster running on a wheel.


Plus (and maybe more importantly), I also think that I stride differently when I run on a treadmill. My step seems longer and I feel bouncy. It’s totally different from running on the pavement and my constant fear is that the difference in my stride will eventually lead to an injury

As a result, I try to run on the treadmill as little as possible. I mean who wants to get injured right?

Recently I started to wonder if my concerns were justified. Do runners stride differently outdoors vs. indoors? Is training on a treadmill equivalent to training outside?

I did some research on the topic and here’s what I found:

  • Running on the treadmill offers similar fitness and caloric benefits to running outside but it differs in that you don’t have to deal with wind resistance or uneven surfaces. The result is slightly easier running conditions (approximately 2-10% less workload). You can overcome this by setting the treadmill to an elevation level of 1 or 1% (source).
  • Runners often let the treadmill change their stride to a more upright, bouncy form with a shorter, less powerful stride. Other runners may lean too far forward when on a treadmill in order to “keep up with the belt”. Both of these alterations are detrimental to running form and may increase risk of injury (source).
  • The most common problem associated with treadmill running is the tendency of the moving belt to “grab” your feet and pull them back under your body. This can result in a stumbling, shuffling stride that places excessive stress on your knees, hips and back. To avoid this quickly lift your feet off the belt,  your goal is to of have a quick, compact stride (source).
  • Running outside gives you greater variability and challenge because of the different terrains, but running on cement can be risky when it’s wet or icy outside and cement sidewalks can be jarring on your knees and ankle joints (source).
  • Treadmill runs are less difficult than outdoor runs because they require less muscle fibers, coordination, and balance and the treadmill belt actually propels you slightly forward so you do less work (source).
  • When you are training for an outdoor event, it is advised that you do at least 60% of your training outside so that your body is prepared for both the extra demand of running outdoors as well as running in different weather conditions (source).
  • Benefits of treadmill running include: no weather or terrain issues, can stop whenever you want, can workout and watch t.v., a smooth and cushioned surface that is better on the joints, and no concerns about personal safety (source).


I also came across a great article from Runner’s World called The Upside of Running on a Treadmill that listed 9 reasons to embrace running on a treadmill:

1 It’s the only way to do a tempo run on a cold, sleety morning without cursing your existence.
2 No need to obsess over your mile splits since the belt demands an even pace.
3 Get your legs used to Boston’s hills even if you’re in Boise.
4 No more rushing out the door to squeeze in a run while there’s still daylight.
5 Less layering, less shivering, and less laundry to do.
6 You don’t have to shove 45 pounds of child and jog stroller up a hill in front of you.
7 You can do hill repeats without having to find steep grades—or pound down them.
8 A cushioned treadmill belt is more inviting when coming back from an injury.
9 You feel less guilty watching Gossip Girl when you’re running.

So after reading all of this information, I have to say that my perception of treadmills has changed a bit. I definitely now can see some of the benefits of the dreadmill and understand why many people prefer the treadmill to running outside.

Does this mean my personal feelings for running on the treadmill have changed? Probably not, but at least now I’m informed about the benefits and risks of running on one :)

So how about you, treadmills: love them or hate them?

Workin’ for the Weekend

Happy Wednesday! How is everyone holding up? Only three more school/work days until the weekend :)

I woke up this morning extremely achey and lethargic. I somehow managed to motivate myself to get ready to run and headed out for my mid-week 10 miler. Almost a mile into the run I started to feel better, my muscles loosened up and running became easy. My body felt so good this morning, I almost wish I could have knocked out my weekly long run today!

Around 10 p.m. last night, Ian and I realized that we hadn’t seen Sonic in awhile. We looked all around the apartment but still no dice. Finally, out of the corner of my eye, I saw this little head peeking out of Ian’s backpack.

“Daddy is it take your son to work day?”

Have a good one guys!

All of the Lights

My mom and I just got back from a walk looking at Christmas lights and all I have to say is wow, our neighbors really out-did themselves this year! But more on that later.

This afternoon I met one of my oldest friends, Brian, at the mall to finish up our Christmas shopping. Luckily the mall wasn’t too crowded, and we were able to get in and out with little frustation. The mall near my parents’ house really goes all out for Christmas too which is definitely a plus when you’re spending a lot of time shopping!

They have a huge Santa display.

And lots of decorations hanging from the ceiling, including this boat.

Pretty cool right?

I also spotted this at the mall and had to tie my hands behind my back to prevent myself from buying it.

That is one thing I do not need in my kitchen. Too dangerous!

After walking around the mall all afternoon, I was famished. I stopped at Whole Foods to pick up a few things and went home where I snacked on some veggies and hummus. A little bit later my mom asked me if I wanted to order thai food from my all time favorite thai restaurant in Michigan, Siam Spicy, and of course I obliged ;)

I always struggle with what to order at Siam Spicy. My go-to at the restaurant is pad thai because they have the best pad thai ever, but I also like to try new things. However, when I order anything but the pad thai, I feel like I’m missing out. My solution tonight: order the shrimp pad thai and something new. The best of both worlds!

For my something new I chose Gang Kew Warn.

I figured this way I could squeeze in a few extra nutrients along with my veggie-devoid pad thai.

It worked and the two balanced each other nicely.

Dessert was a smaller version of last nights and served more to cleanse my mouth of spice than to quench my sweet tooth.

After dinner, my mom and I walked over to this house in my neighborhood that goes all out with holiday decorations. In fact, the house is even up for an award!

The decorations span two yards and the house is a destination spot for many families in the area.

It is just so cool!

The fence around the yard was decorated with garland and about every 5 feet or so there was a small ornament that said Merry Christmas in a different language. I loved these and must have looked at every one. I am such a nerd!

I also loved these three singing snowmen.

Every house needs a countdown to Christmas!

I love that I still get a chance to walk around and look at Christmas lights with family. It is such a great tradition :)

Do any houses in your neighborhood decorate like crazy for the holidays?  Do you walk/drive around and look at lights?