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Mother’s Day Weekend Recap

Happy Monday guys! Did you all have a good weekend? I sure did but it went by so fast (as all trips to Michigan do). Anyway, here’s a recap of the rest of my weekend, you can find the first half here.

Saturday night, Ian, my mom and I all went out to Coyote Grill, a tex mex place that my mom and I used to go to all the time when I was younger. We hadn’t been in awhile so we weren’t sure what to expect.Thankfully, not much had changed!

They still brought us chips and super fresh cilantro salsa to start.

I’m honestly not a big chips and salsa eater but these are totally worth it. They taste so light and fresh!

One thing that has changed is what I ordered. I used to always get the fajita salad in a deep fried taco shell. However, neither chicken nor a deep fried bowl appeal to me anymore so I opted for shrimp fajitas instead.

Served with all of the appropriate toppings of course.

I only managed to eat two fajitas but I definitely finished off the veggies and shrimp. No wasting here!

Everyone else really enjoyed their meals as well. My mom had chicken enchiladas and Ian had steak tacos. We were all pretty happy and full afterwards :)

But of course, no Saturday night can be complete with dessert so on our way home from dinner we stopped at a small custard stand to pick up a little something sweet.

I had a small vanilla custard cone with rainbow sprinkles. The sprinkles are absolutely necessary ;)

We spent the rest of the night relaxing and ended up staying up waay too late to watch Iron Chef. The secret ingredient was peaches– we just haad to see what they could do!

On Sunday morning I got up, munched on some cereal, changed into running clothes, and headed out for a 6 mile run. My legs felt extremely heavy and tired, most likely from travelling and cycling on Saturday, but I pushed through it and ended up finishing in just under 46 minutes for a 7:37 min/mile. Granted, the area where my mom lives is flatter than Chicago but it still felt great to have a speedier run!

I snacked on more cereal post-run and then my mom and I headed out to run some errands and look at doggies. Our family dog passed away last fall and my mom has been waiting to get a new one and just recently started looking. Unfortunately we didn’t see any candidates yesterday but hopefully she’ll find one next weekend (she’s looking for a lab/golden puppy) :).

I picked up some new tri gear. After my ride on Saturday I knew that I needed to invest both in bike gloves and shorts (I ended up buying tri shorts) and I also bought a new bathing suit since mine is falling apart.

Another great weekend find was whipped cottage cheese. I spotted it at a small, local market in the area and purchased one to take back with me to Chicago. I obviously need to find a spot the sells it in the area but I’m so excited to try it :)

After we completed our errands, my mom and I went out to a Mother’s Day lunch at Crispelli’s a new Italian eatery that opened relatively close to my mom’s house. Per her suggestion, we split a Crispelli salad and a White Pie.

The salad dressing was amazing. We both kept dipping pizza crust into it!

The pizza had roasted garlic and artichoke hearts on it. Yum! I enjoyed two slices before calling it quits.

After lunch, I had to drop some cards off at my dad’s house and then my mom and I went to TCBY to take advantage of their free small cone/cup for moms on Mother’s Day. My mom had a small twist in a cup and I enjoyed a cone with chocolate malt frozen yogurt and more sprinkles. What can I say? I love my cones and sprinkles!

While we were looking at dogs, I had picked up a small harness and leash for Sonic so we could try to take him outside. When we got home, we tried everything on and went out for a test walk.

Doesn’t he look handsome in his harness, it looks like a little vest!

He was quite a natural outside on the leash, it’s too bad I’m not comfortable taking him out in Chicago. Maybe if we move farther north he’ll be able to go out but until then the vest is exclusively for use in Michigan.

Around 3, Ian and I hit the road to head back to Chicago. We made great time, stopping once for gas and then another time to get some water and to let Sonic use his litter. When we got back to the city, we dropped Sonic and our stuff off at the apartment and then headed out to do our grocery shopping for the week. About 45 minutes later we were back at the apartment and eating dinner (we’re fast shoppers!).

I had a salad with mushrooms, carrots, and tempeh crumbles with homemade mustard vinaigrette.

This salad was just what I needed after a heavy lunch.

Dessert was a mini pistachio cannoli that my mom picked up from Crispelli’s and sent home with us.

They’re so tiny! The perfect size for a non-Mike’s cannoli :P. I also had some almond milk with protein powder on the side.

All in all I had a great weekend. I love going home and seeing family and old friends and hopefully, I can make the trip more often now that I don’t have to worry about school!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything special?
Do you like sprinkles?

The Start of Tri Training

Yesterday marked the start of my tri training so I was up bright and early to knock out both a run and a swim. I snacked on a medjool date with some sunflower butter and a couple sips of kefir and then headed out for my run. I ran four miles along the lakeshore path and it was absolutely beautiful. I kind of love Chicago at 5 a.m! There were hardly any people out and I got to see the sun rise. Gorgeous!

My run took about half an hour and when I was finished I raced up to the apartment, put on my bathing suit, grabbed my bags, and then headed towards my gym. About 20 minutes later I jumped into the pool and swam a mile. Whew! Busy morning!

I managed to pack everything for the day (including breakfast and lunch) but my tumbler was leaking so I couldn’t pack coffee. On my way to work I decided to treat myself to Starbucks and picked up a grande iced americano with soy milk to enjoy on my commute.

Do you monitor your intake of a nutrient (or nutrients)? If so which ones and how do you do it? Besides making sure I’m getting enough of each food group, I loosely watch my protein intake but making sure at least two of my three meals involve a heavy source of protein.

Have a great day :)

Date Night & Great Lake Pizza

I spent most of my morning reading on the couch. I’m almost done with Jeffrey Eugindes’ The Marriage Plot and I’m incredibly hooked. While its not as good as Middlesex, I prefer it to The Virgin Suicides and have definitely enjoyed reading it. I’m going to need a new book soon, any suggestions?

Ian woke up around lunchtime today. I’m always amazed how people can do this. I’m wired to wake up early in the mornings and I can’t fathom sleeping in until noon. I’m so jealous!

We got ready and headed out to Walmart to pick up some cleaning supplies and Christmas decorations. It was still really cold out so I bundled up and wore a scarf, heavy coat, hat, and gloves. Ian always teases me about my “Elmer Fudd” hat, but its so warm!

We’re dorks :P

Tonight was our date night, we try to have one once a week, and we decided to check out Great Lake, a pizza place in one of the northern Chicago neighborhoods. Great Lake is a teeny tiny BYOB pizza place and grocery store that emphasizes regionally produced ingredients. They only offer about 4 pizzas at a time and the toppings change with the seasons.

We started with the specialty salad of the day: spiralized brussels sprouts with a honey mustard vinaigrette, black pepper, and cheese.

Easily one of the best salads I have ever had! It was light, crispy, and the cheese was absolutely incredible. I need to get a spiralizer so I can recreate this!

For our pizza we ordered the number 2, a mushroom pizza without marinara sauce

Yum! The pictures don’t do this pizza justice. The flavors were perfectly balanced and the crust was nice and doughy. I enjoyed three small slices.

Because we were so far north and hadn’t been for awhile, we decided to head over to Lickity Split for dessert. Lickity Split is a frozen custard, cupcake, and candy bar that has an old school feel and charm. Just walking into the store transports you back in time.

Cute right?

Tonight they had egg nog flavored custard, and as I love egg nog anything, I had a small concrete with the eggnog custard and crushed ice cream cone.

It hit the spot. I love frozen yogurt but there is nothing quite like frozen custard, although it is definitely not something you’d want to eat very often ;)

I’m off to relax a bit and then go to bed, I have my first Boston training run tomorrow morning!

What did you do Saturday night?

Go Blue!


Ahhh, it was so nice to see Michigan beat Nebraska and play well today! I am so proud of my wolverines :-D!

Ian and I watched the game in our pajamas on our couch. It was so awesome to relax today. I used to get antsy sitting around at home for long periods of time, but I have really learned to appreciate it recently.

A little before noon Ian decided to order a pizza from dominos from his phone. Did you know you can track your order status from your phone?

Pretty crazy right? I didn’t know there was a check for deliciousness :P. We were also informed of when the pizza left the shop to be delivered. Crazy!

I wasn’t in the mood for anything heavy for lunch so I kept it simple with a salad with some dethawed frozen peas, tomatoes, hot peppers, and sundried tomatoes. I also had a small piece of Ian’s pizza.

Nothing spectacular but it didn’t weigh me down.

The furbaby slept a lot today. I guess there is one member of the family who is not a Wolverine fan.

At least he’s damn cute :P

After the game Ian and I got our butts off the couch and headed over to Starbucks for their buy one get one free holiday drink special. If you haven’t gone yet, you should! It goes until tomorrow and I mean, who doesn’t love free Starbucks? I tried the skinny peppermint mocha for the first time. I liked it but it was even a bit too sweet for me and thats saying something!

We awkwardly asked someone to take a picture of us in front of this up-and-coming Christmas tree stand. Fittingly, the photo is also awkward. Awesome.

We walked around for a bit to get some fresh air and popped into CVS.

Do you think Santa will hire me?

We’re heading out to the suburbs tonight to meet up with some of Ian’s car friends and grab some dinner. Have a great night!


Yummm, I just got home from one of my favorite restaurants in the city- Piece Pizzeria. Piece is an awesome spot to get thin crust pizza and have a beer- they’re also a brewery.

Ian and I got there a little after 6 and there was already an hour wait- wowza! We ordered some beer and stood by the bar to pass the time until our table was ready.

I ordered the Camel Toe.

Even though I normally love Piece’s beers, this beer did not go down smoothly. I sipped on it for most of the evening and happily passed it over to Ian once he finished his beer.

For dinner we went with the usual. We started with a caprese salad. It was so good- I love how there is a good amount of lettuce to balance the tomato and mozzarella.

Next we split a small red pizza with mushrooms and bacon on one side (for him) and mushrooms and broccoli on the other half.

I had one small slice and then a huge one. I started to get full after the second piece and decided to stop. I knew were had big plans for dessert and I love having pizza leftovers.

For dessert we went to Scooters Frozen Custard! One of the best ice cream/custard places in the city. I had a small pumpkin concrete, which is pumpkin flavored frozen custard blended with pie crust and topped with whipped cream. Sooo good.

I can never pass up a trip to Scooters!

What an awesome Saturday night. I feel so lucky that not only did I get to spend the evening with Ian but I also got to go to two of my favorite places in Chicago!

Now I’m going to go relax on the couch and watch some Rescue Me with the boys. I’m hooked on this show- is anyone else a fan?