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Weekend Things {06-10-2013}

1. After a long weekend in Denver and an exhausting week, all I wanted to do on Friday was relax and go to bed early (I know, party animal over here). So Ian and I did just that. We watched some Arrested Development, I read my book, Ian played video games, and I even made some sunflower seed + pepita butter in my food processor!

2. I actually slept in on Saturday morning and woke up at 8:45 to an alarm. It’s been a while since that’s happened. I went out for a run and then sat down to a delicious bowl of peanut butter overnight oats (thanks Megan for sharing the recipe!)

3. After breakfast and some coffee, I met up with Kelsey and Emily at the Printer’s Row Lit Fest.


The Lit Fest is a free festival in Chicago where independent/small local bookstores put up stands and sell new and used books at a discount price. There are also readings, a food tent, and lots of other miscellaneous things like old movie posters, magazines, etc. It’s a blast! I ended up picking up quite a few reads too, all for under $25.


I actually bought the top book at Tattered Cover but the rest are from the lit fest.

4. Ian and I decided to try La Luce, a new-to-us Italian restaurant, on Saturday night.


I had a glass of chianti, Ian and I split an order of grilled calamari, and then I had an order of the chicken limone. It was a lot of food and I’m happy that I was able to take home leftovers!

5. On Sunday I slept in later than planned and headed out for a longish run. When I get back, Ian and I had breakfast and then stopped at Sip Cafe on our way to go grocery shopping to pick up some iced coffee. We’ve been to Sip Cafe a few times but I’ve never noticed the bathroom door before….


This is a cafe I can stand behind :).

6. After grocery shopping and running some errands, Ian and I were hungry and decided to walk over to Carbon to have some lunch. We ended up splitting some guacamole and chips and then I had a chicken mole tamale and a steak taco.


I. love. tacos.

7. On our walk back home, we stopped to visit our favorite fruit man and pick up a few mangoes for Ian. He also had these tiny bananas that I couldn’t pass up.


Does anyone know what you’re supposed to do with these? Are they really just miniature bananas?

How was your weekend? 

Midweek Musings

1. The first few days of my staycation were wonderful. I kept thinking that I could get used to having free time, working out whenever I want, watching day time t.v. etc. Yesterday I got bored and started a bake-a-thon. I have two more days + a weekend before work starts, the question is how much more can I bake?

2. Yesterday I had a swimming PDR –> 3,000 m! I actually really enjoyed it and wanted to swim the extra 200 m to hit about 2 miles but some strange man hopped in my lane and started running along one side doing high knees. This bothered me for a lot of reasons (he could have asked – I would have said yes, he wasn’t switching sides of the lane, & he wasn’t even swimming) and I had to get out of the water before I did something drastic like accidentally kick a lot of water at him.

3. Speaking of working out, my abs are burning from the whittle my middle challenge I talked about yesterday. I was hoping to do day 3 of my 5 this morning but I was too sore. Maybe later?

4. My one eye had been bothering me a lot every night when I take out my contacts. I think I must have a small cut on my eye. Either way it’s annoying and I’ve been sleeping with a cold paper towel over my eye at night to soothe the pain. Lucky Ian, his girlfriend is soo attractive. (I have an eye appt today and will ask about it)

5. Last night I made a vegetarian paella. It was really tasty and gave me the opportunity to cook beans from scratch and you know what? It wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought it would be. It just needed a little extra prep work.

6. I haven’t run since last Sunday and I’m going crazy! I know the break was needed and will be worth it but I’m definitely going a little stir-crazy. I actually spent almost two hours last night working on my Goofy Race and a Half training plan. It’s almost finished and starts the second week in August. I’ll be sure to share more details then.

7. Speaking of running, is anyone else doing the Big 10k this Saturday? Originally I was planning on racing it but now I think I’m going to treat it as a training run and take lots of pictures instead :P. The weather looks awesome too, I can’t wait!

8. A month ago, Ian and I bought a Groupon for a cleaning service and they’re coming today. Neither Ian nor myself really enjoy cleaning and we do what we can to “straighten up”, sweep, and vaccum when necessary we don’t really get down and scrub the floors or clean under the fridge like we should. I’m looking forward to having that new apartment feel again.

9. It’s crazy how different cycling classes can be. I’ve been to two this week (same gym) and the one I went to this morning was a lot harder than the one on Tuesday morning. I get that workouts are different but you think they would have a standardized plan of what should be included in each class. Especially at the same gym. The other interesting this is today’s class was much less crowded than Tuesdays. Hmm..

Any ideas on how to keep busy these next two days? Are you running the Big 10k? Which team are you supporting?

Sonic’s New Bed

Yesterday was only a running day (no swimming or biking) so I slept in a little bit and then woke up and got ready to run. I knew it was going to be tough when I just couldn’t get my butt out the door. Do you ever have those mornings? I had the usual date w/ pb and some kefir and then kept grabbing little handfuls of cereal. It was like my body needed just a little more energy to get going.

I ran 5 miles and felt okay for the first 4.5 but then my hamstring/thigh started acting up. I didn’t feel any pain but I did feel some weird fluttering back there. I really have no idea what caused it but after walking a block I was able to run the rest of the way home at a slower pace. Please body just heal already!

When I got back from my run I couldn’t find Sonic. Ian hadn’t seen him in awhile so we spent a few minutes searching for him under the bed, in closets, and under the couch. Guess where we ended up finding him?

Looks like the furball found a new bed!

Have a great day- remember only two more days until the weekend!

Do you watch Mad Men? If so what do you think? Ian and I just started watching it (maybe 4 episodes in) and I’m really enjoying it!

Tri Training

Happy Thursday! You have no idea how happy I am that today is here :)

After I finished my assignment yesterday I looked at my summer schedulre and realized that I only have 7 weeks until my first triathlon. Ahh! How did that sneak up on me? I’m honestly not too concerned about the distance in each event: .5 mile swim, 13 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run but putting them all together? Terrifying!

As I know I’m quite capable of finishing the distances, my first thought was to not train for the event at all. I mean I’m coming back from a running injury and my main goal this summer is to properly heal and rebuild my mileage. So maybe I should just wing the triathlon?

Unfortunately, for me, training isn’t all about the physical – there’s a huge mental component to it as well and I know that if I don’t train I won’t be mentally ready for my race. Plus, even though I don’t have a time goal for my first tri, I want to be competitive! I don’t want the race to be miserable and I want to have fun.

I searched the internet for some training plans and found a wide variety. Many emphasize swimming but for a .5 mile swim I just don’t see the point. Especially when I swim a mile at least once a week.

So in typical Lindsay fashion I created my own training plan. It’s nothing fancy, I’m going to continue safely increasing my running distance while adding in two swims and two days of riding my bike each week. Both of my swims will be during the week along with one bike ride and I’ll save the other ride for Saturday so I can throw a few brick workouts into the mix. My goal is to keep up my running 5-6 days a week through all of this as well (I’m currently only running about 22 miles per week so this seems reasonable but I may have to change this when I get back up into the 40′s).

So, what do you guys think? Does this seem reasonable and will this prepare me for a sprint tri? I’m open to any advice or suggestions because I am a total newbie!

Alright time to get moving! Have a great one guys!

Birthday Times

So as I let slip last week, today is my birthday. I can’t believe that I’m 24 already, I can remember actually being excited for my 21st birthday like it was yesterday. Time really does fly.

Speaking of turning 24, has anyone else seen this gem of a video? It’s not super hilarious but it was filmed in Ann Arbor (Go Blue!) so I have to give it some love ;).

As I spent the majority of this past weekend studying and am going to be busy today, Ian and I celebrated a little bit yesterday. First he took me shopping (aww) and then we stopped by Molly’s Cupcakes to pick up my “birthday cake”.

We ordered a cookie monster (stuffed with cookie dough) and a peanut butter nutella (filled with nutella).

Annnd we split them halfsies as per usual.

I liked the peanut butter taste but the cookie monster was my favorite. It was sweet, salty, and incredibly moist. Delicious!

Plans for the rest of my birthday include work, an exam (fun right?), and then Ian and I are meeting my dad and my step-mom (who came into town) for dinner later. This week is incredibly crazy so while I want to have a fun day, the real celebration will have to wait until post-graduation.

Have a wonderful Monday!