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Bountiful Eatery Blogger Meet-Up

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Last night a bunch of the Chicago Healthy Living Bloggers met up at Bountiful Eatery in Lakeview for dinner. Bountiful Eatery is an entirely gluten free restaurant that also has great dairy free and vegan options. Katie and I had eaten their previously and my takeaway from that trip was that not only was everything delicious, fresh, and healthy but you couldn’t tell it was gluten free. I was excited to go back!

There was a great blogger turnout yesterday and it was so nice to catch up with familiar faces.

From left to right: Bethany, Christina, Erin, Katie, me, and Emily [photo via Kelsey]. Not pictured: Sierra, Alyssa, Cate, and Kelsey.

Last time I went to Bountiful Eatery, I tried a sandwich, side salad, and soup so last night I wanted to order something a little different. I decided on the 3 salad sampler that came with quinoa salad (fresh made quinoa, red bell pepper, tomato, parsley, mint, cucumber, scallions, lemon juice, olive oil and herbs), chickpea salad (chickpeas, carrots, raisins, mint and extra virgin olive oil), and black bean salad (black beans, tomato, scallions, chipotle and cilantro) over spinach.

They were all good but my favorite was the chickpea salad. I loved the raisins.

After dinner, the owner brought out two desserts for us to try. One was a brownie and the other was a tofutti bar.

I tried the tofutti bar last time I was there and the brownie had dairy in to so I couldn’t have one but everyone else seemed to enjoy the desserts.

Bountiful Eatery is definitely worth checking out if you are ever in the Lakeview area and craving a satisfying and healthy meal! Also, thanks to the owner for letting us bloggers take over half the restaurant and providing us with a food discount!

This morning I woke up and completed my first VO2 workout. I warmed up for two miles and then ran 800 m at 5k race pace followed by an 800 m jog (repeated 5x) with a 1 mile cool down (total 8 miles). It was really tough but I was able to get my 800 m at 5k pace in the 6:30-6:40 range. I was definitely tired and really sweaty by the end but it felt really good!

Time to head to work, happy Thursday!

Have you ever been to an all gluten free/all vegan/all veggie restaurant? Did you like it?
Do you do speed work?

Running in the Dark

This morning, after finishing up a shorter run, I realized that I suck at running in the dark. It’s not that I’m scared to run in the dark (although I used to be) or that I run slower (I actually run faster) it’s just that I am totally unprepared for anything that could happen.

Take today for instance. It was chilly when I woke up so I put on my running tights (black no reflector stripes), a long sleeved tech shirt (also black with dark purple panels), and my running shoes (blue, red, and black with no reflector stripes). With me I took my watch, my keys, and my iPod. I didn’t have any identification or my iPhone with me and Ian was fast asleep at home with no knowledge of what route I’d run.

Now I am usually totally fine and nothing strange happens to me but I’m not sure it’s worth taking that chance anymore… weird and scary things have been known to happen to runners. Plus, when I’m running in the morning most stores and businesses are not open, if I’m uncomfortable or feeling nervous there is really no where for me to go.

Here are some basic things that can be done to improve the safety of your early morning/evening run?

  • Try to run in well-lit areas as much as possible. In Chicago, most parts of the Lake Shore path are pretty well-lit. If you’re running on streets make sure to run against traffic.
  • Be visible- this means wear a reflector vest/headlamp at all times. Also wear brightly colored clothes.
  • Always carry identification and a cellphone.
  • Vary your routes and/or run with a buddy.
  • Listen to your instincts, if it doesn’t feel safe to run in a certain area don’t run there.

In terms of how I plan to make my morning runs safer, I’m going to finally purchase a Road ID so that I always have identification and emergency contact information with me whenever I’m running or cycling. Also, I think my mom might also have an old reflector vest that I can steal. I like to run early even during the winter and given that my running jacket is black, having a neon vest might be a good idea.

Do you run in the dark? How do you make sure you feel safe?

This week has been mentally exhausting. I’m not more tired than usual but feel wiped out by the end of the day. What gives? Hopefully the weekend will reinvigorate me!

Monday Things {08-20-2012}

1. Friday night was spent in the car driving to Michigan. Dinner was a hummus + spicy pb sandwich, a plum, and a small side salad from Culver’s. Don’t judge.

2. On Saturday morning I got to run around my old neighborhood. It was wonderful! Sometimes I forget how much I like seeing trees and grass when I run. Not being near a ton of busy roads and cars was a nice touch too.

3. My mom, Ian, and I explored the Dream Cruise on Saturday as well. Basically the cruise is a gathering of a bunch of antique car lovers. They bring out their old cars that are in amazing shape and cruise down Woodward, a large boulevard that runs from Detroit to the surrounding suburbs. Traffic is always horrendous the week before the event and during the Cruise, we’re always stranded at my moms. It’s annoying but fun to look at all of the cars. The people watching isn’t so bad either.

4. We decided to grab lunch right off of Woodward so we could watch the cars as we ate and ended up going to Crispelli’s. Their vegan/gf options were slim (it’s primarily a pizza place) but I managed to find something I could eat. I ordered a Mediterranean salad with no feta and added chickpeas for protein. It was pretty good!

5. Oh, I also chopped my hair on Saturday. It was much needed!

6. Ian and I walked to a local grocery store/market to pick up some dill for dinner and happened to walk by these huuuuge watermelons.

That’s Ian’s hand, crazy right?

7. On Saturday we decided to grill out at my mom’s to keep things simple (Dream Cruise was a ragin’).

We had grilled corn on the cob, grilled zucchini, grilled cauliflower, salmon with dill and lemon, BBQ chicken (not pictured), and a salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, and broccoli. Everything was fresh and tasty! I ended up going back for more fish and zucchini.

8. After dinner we tried to take Dharma for a walk but the cars were too loud and there were so many people outside that Dharma was way too excited to cooperate on the leash. Speaking of the pup, she has TRIPLED in size since I last saw her.

She also thinks I am either a chew toy/litter mate and did not leave me alone all weekend.

9. As good as dinner was Saturday night, the amount of veggies I ate did not sit well with me for my Sunday medium-long run. Luckily, I was able to run with minimal discomfort and finished the 13 miles feeling okay. It definitely helped that I listened to the 90′s pop station on Pandora. Gotta love me some Spice Girls, BSB, and 98 Degrees when I run.

10. Speaking of running, I signed up to volunteer at the Chicago Marathon. I will be standing somewhere around miles 25-26 of the course. If you’re running let me know and I can cheer for you!!

11. My grandma had a knee replacement on Friday, so I went and visited with her Sunday afternoon. She seemed to be in okay shape although definitely feeling some pain. My dad and step-mom showed up too so I ended up getting to see everyone this weekend!

12. My mom and I grabbed a late lunch at Vinsetta Grill yesterday. I usually get their veggie burger salad but was bummed to find out it has egg in it. I ended up ordering their grilled shrimp sans butter with sweet potato fries and asparagus.

I’m not ashamed to say I ate the majority of this plate. It was like 2:30 and I hadn’t eaten since 9!!

13. Last week I picked up this peanut butter to keep at my office. The granola is gluten free which totally surprised me!

14. Ian and I got home last night a little before 8, dropped the furball off, and then headed out to go grocery shopping. This means that dinner was at 9 p.m. and consisted of a “quesadilla” with mushrooms and tomatoes, a date, and a little almond dream ice cream. I don’t like eating that late but I was hungry!

15. Sonic is exhausted. After having guests last weekend and until Tuesday and then a car drive home to Michigan and then back to Chicago he’ll probably sleep for a week.

16. I finally found Naturally Nutty’s Pepita Sun Butter. The Naturally Nutty line is only made in Traverse City, MI and is hard to find elsewhere. A market near my mom’s house has always sold their almond butters and peanut butters but never the pepita butter. I nearly jumped for joy when I saw it!

This morning I tried it on top of almond strawberry oats.

I loved it!

I’m off to start my work week– how is it Monday already?

Have a good one!

Marathon Training Week 1

Hey guys and happy Monday!

As many of you know, last week was my first week of marathon training and because I am completely obsessed with running right now, I thought I’d share my week in training with all of you!

Monday- Rest day after the Naperville Triathlon. As eager as I was to start my running plan, rest is key to preventing injuries.

Tuesday- I had a lactate threshold 8 miler on the schedule with 4 miles at 15k-half marathon pace. I started with a 2 mile warm-up and then increased my speed to complete the tempo portion of the run. My goal was to run between a 7:20 and 7:40 min/mile and I ran a 7:34, 7:19, 7:20, and 7:24. I finished with a 2 mile cool down. This was my first tempo run ever and it was NOT easy. I had a difficult time pacing myself during the tempo miles and it was definitely more difficult to run fast without the adrenaline of being in a race. However, the most difficult part of the tempo run was the cool down. After running 4 fast miles (and 6 miles in total) my legs wanted to shut down. It took a lot of willpower to propel myself forward during the first mile. I felt better during the second mile. In total, the 8 miles took me 1:01.

Wednesday- On Wednesday I woke up with stiff legs, nothing super sore but I definitely had some built up lactic acid. My training plan called for a 4 mile recovery run and it turned out to be just what I needed. Per the Advanced Marathoning training plan, a recovery run should be run so that you feel like you’re saving up energy, this translated to an 8:30 min/mile on Wednesday. However, according to the McMillan Running Calculator, I should be running between an 8:57 and a 9:39 min/mile. This seems really slow for a goal time of 7:40 min/miles but maybe I need to be better about slowing down? Any one have experience with this? Either way, my legs felt muuuch better after the recovery run. I felt re-energized and most of the stiffness had been worked out of my legs. The recovery run took me about 34 minutes.

Thursday- Thursday called for a 9 mile general aerobic run at 15-25% slower than marathon pace. For me this is between a 7:52 and 8:52 min/mile. The weather was absolutely gorgeous later in the week and I didn’t mind taking my time and enjoying the run. I pushed myself a little bit but mostly just ran by feel, my goal was to get in the mileage not run an incredibly fast 9 miles. This mindset was really wonderful and I never cramped up or felt tight during the run, I wasn’t even very sore later on! I ended up averaging an 8:06 min/mile and the run took me 1:13 to complete.

Friday- I had the option of either taking a day off or cross training on Friday so I decided to hit the pool and swim some laps. It was a rainy morning and the gym was pretty empty so I got a lane right away and had enough time to swim 2,000 meters. I felt good in the water but I could tell it had been awhile since I’ve swam laps. Isn’t it crazy how the pool can feel differently after only a week? I enjoyed my swim but honestly, I wish that my schedule had called for running. Later on in the training plan, I’ve given myself the option of cross-training/running on those days- just in case I want to fit in some extra mileage.

Saturday- I was so happy to sleep in and see 60 degree temps… maybe fall is coming after all? With only a recovery 4 miler on my schedule, I really wanted to make sure that I enjoyed my run. I took it nice and slow and enjoyed not sweating buckets and being able to breathe. It was also great to see all of the people out on the lake shore path, it was a perfect morning for running! My legs again felt a little stiff but the recovery run helped wonders. I averaged an 8:27 min/mile and finished in under 34 minutes.

Sunday- After doing a lot of walking on Saturday in sandals (when will I learn?) I wasn’t expecting too much from my 12 miler on Sunday. The plan called for the run to be done at 10-20% slower than marathon pace so I aimed for somewhere in the 7:50-8:20 range. My feet and legs had been hurting on Saturday so I took the run easy and didn’t push too hard. Fortunately, nothing bugged me during my run! The weather was nice again, not too hot but not chilly and it was overcast. I averaged an 8:09 min/mile and the 12 miles took me 1:38.

Total mileage = 37

Overall I’m happy with my first week. I’m not incredibly sore or feeling any unusual pain which is really good and I loved the variety of my runs. I do want my times to be a little faster but I think that will come as my body adjusts to running more mileage. It has been over 6 months since I’ve been in marathon shape!

I’m off to start the work week. Have a good one!

What was your favorite workout last week?

Terrapin 5k Race Recap

So what made yesterday so different? Ian and I ran a 5k together.

I knew that it was going to take me about an hour to get from work to Soldier Field, so I lugged my running gear around all day and met Ian at an ‘l’ stop near the race. We walked over to the start line and I finished getting ready.

When we arrived I couldn’t believe how many people were there. It was incredible! I love that people want to spend their Thursday evenings running ;). We checked our bag and then walked over to the corrals. I’m unsure how RAM Racing did the corrals because Ian and I weren’t placed in the same one. Actually, I was a corral behind him. I don’t recall us having to specify an estimated finish time when we registered but even still I’ve always run RAM races in corral A or B. Oh well. I snuck into Ian’s corral and we ran together.

Ian was so tired excited to run :P.

RAM Racing did a great job spacing out the runners. Corrals went off about minute and a half which really helped the bunching. The course was still incredibly crowded BUT it could have been a lot worse.

Ian could be a really good runner but he just doesn’t love running. In fact, I’m not even sure he likes it all that much but because he’s a great boyfriend and likes to support the things I do, on occasion he will suggest that we run a race together. Let me also say that he NEVER trains for them.

Because he makes the sacrifice (and doesn’t train), I do everything I can to make the race a good experience for him. I let him set the pace and try to keep talking to him throughout the run. We slow down when he wants to slow down and walk when he wants to walk. It really becomes his race.

Last night was no different. I didn’t wear my watch and just let Ian dictate the pace. The race was similar to the Big 10k in that we set off south, ran underneath the McCormick center, and then back up the lake shore path. It was also incredibly hot. There was only one water station but given that it was an evening race and near 90 degrees, we really could have used two.

Ian managed to run the first 2.75 miles before he asked me to walk. He was really hot and things were starting to hurt. At one point he looked at me and said “running is not easy”. Amen. We walked about a tenth of a mile before picking up the pace and finishing the race at a run. I was so proud that he was able to finish the race running, it can be so difficult to start running after stopping.

Official Finish Time (for both of us): 30:13 (9:44 min/mile)

I used to have a really difficult time running with someone else, especially if they were slower than me. I would feel like I wasn’t pushing myself very hard and I would get frustrated. However, recently I’ve learned to really appreciate spending time doing something I love with others. I know that one slower run will not kill me but if I am worried that it won’t feel like enough of a workout, I do what I did yesterday, run by myself at a different time so that the other run just seems like a bonus.

I also watch my form. Running at a different pace (slow or fast) can change your form and lead to injury. The key is to change your leg speed but not your gait!

After the race we both grabbed some water and walked around for a little bit. The Terrapin is also a concert but we just weren’t feeling hanging around and neither of us wanted a beer or food just yet. I felt lame leaving but I was ready to go home!

Do you like running with other people? How do you handle running with someone who runs a different pace?