1. Last year I needed to return something to Forever 21. After wandering around the store for a long time I decided that there was absolutely nothing that I wanted to buy and the salespeople were only willing to give me store credit. Bummer. I ended up finding one of the best/ugliest sweaters around that also happened to benefit ASPCA. I was sold.

It may be hideous but its super comfy and I love wearing it around the apartment. Isn’t Ian lucky to have such a girlfriend who dresses so cute? Oh and I totally put post-it notes on the back of my cell-phone to remind me to do things. Don’t judge.

2. I received a free sample for an all natural no calorie sweetener made from monk fruit in the mail this week. I was a little skeptical because it’s made by Splenda but I tested it out in my coffee and it wasn’t bad at all. I’m not sure it’ll replace my┬áStevia (I need to do more research into the product) but it could be a good alternative for people who dislike the Stevia aftertaste.

3. I am obsessed with the concept of never nudes from Arrested Development. I just think it is sooo funny. I really wanted Ian to be one for Halloween but he wasn’t interested (and we didn’t celebrate whomp whomp). Maybe if Ian is lucky he’ll get a nice pair of cutoffs for Christmas?

4. Have you guys been reading the Runner’s World articles about the 2-hour marathon? Some experts predict it will happen relatively soon while others are saying it may be another 90 years. There’s a great article that summarizes both points on RW and can be found here. What are your thoughts? When do you think it will happen?

Most importantly, what are your plans this weekend? My mom’s coming in town and I plan on staying as far as possible from work-related stuff!