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Monday Things {08-05-2013}

1. After meeting a big deadline last Thursday, my body crashed. I spent that evening loafing around on my couch, watching t.v., and starting a new book that I picked up when Ian and I visited Denver.

tatteredcoverIs it weird that I miss Denver a little bit?

2. Speaking of t.v., the new season of Impractical Jokers started  Thursday evening. Does anyone else watch that show? I think it’s absolutely hilarious and it often leaves me laughing so hard I’m crying. Sadly, the last episode wasn’t as funny as others.

3. On Friday night, I decided to actually cook a meal because well, it’s been a while. I decided to make Jerk Chicken with Fired Rice and Pineapple Salsa and it was fabulous and made me feel so fancy for making a meal with three components and then putting it together!

jerkchicken4. On Saturday, I hosted book club! We had a smaller group this time around and very few of us had read the book, Tender is the Night by Fitzgerald, so our book discussion was pretty limited. However, we had a great spread of food and even journeyed up to my rooftop to enjoy the beautiful weather and the view. I love catching up with the book club ladies and eating all of their delicious food!

bookclub5. After book club, Kelsey, Katie, Emily, and I ran a few errands and checked out Emily’s apartment that none of us had seen in the year or so that we’ve known Em. It was soo nice to be out and about and to spend some time with my girlfriends.

6. When I got home, Ian was still over at his friend’s house so Sonic and I cuddled on the couch for a bit and watched some t.v. He got a little excited when I switched the channel to Animal Planet though. The kittens on the screen were definitely intriguing.

animalplanet7. I felt exhausted all weekend and unmotivated to do anything. On Sunday morning when I woke up and was getting ready to head out for my second 10 miler, I decided to cheer myself up by wearing ALL the colors.

colors8. As much as I wanted to lounge on the couch all of Sunday, Ian eventually convinced me out the door, to Sports Authority (so I could pick up a sports bikini), and then to Carbon for a tasty taco lunch. I got to be lazy later when I took a 2 hour nap before dinner. I haven’t done that in forever!

9. The winner of the Chicago Half Marathon Hyundai Hope on Wheels Race Entry Giveaway is…

winnerI will send you an e-mail with details soon!

If you didn’t win the race entry but are still interested in running, you can register with a $13.10 discount by clicking here to register and then entering code MKTBLG13. Happy running!

Monday Things {02-11-2013}

1. This weekend went by in a quick and tired blur. After three mornings of waking up before 5 am, I was exhausted Friday night. I threw dinner together for Ian and I and then we spent the rest of the night on the couch watching t.v. The highlight (or low light) of the night was losing my pinkie toenail (ew, I know I’m gross). I’m pretty sure I crashed around 9 pm and managed to sleep through the night until 7:30 am on Saturday. That’s a lot of sleep for me!

2. After breakfast, I lounged around the apartment, headed out for a 4 mile recovery run, and then headed to the gym to try a power yoga class. Now I’m not a big yogi, I’ve been to a few classes here and there and I’ve only been able to really get into one class and I believe it was Bikram style but I’m always up for something new and I figured I should check out the class at my gym. Yeah, it just didn’t do it for me. Sure my arms were a little sore afterward but I just didn’t love the class, it wasn’t a total waste of time but I’m not sure I’ll go back. I really do wish I could love yoga but it’s just not something I enjoy.

3. For lunch on Saturday, I met up with some friends at Tweet to celebrate Emily‘s birthday. The restaurant was father north than I usually venture but the menu was extensive and everything sounded so good. They even had a gluten free menu. I’d already eaten breakfast, so I opted for a huge southwestern cobb salad. It was massive and delicious.


After lunch, we headed over to a small Asian market and picked up kabocha squashes on the cheap.

Emily, me, Kelsey, & Katie

4. Saturday night was also super chill. Ian and I knocked out our grocery shopping, ate dinner at home, and then watched a movie on t.v. Ian was exhausted from working on his car so he crashed early and I read Cutting for Stone, until I got tired. We were party animals this weekend :P.

5. After a restless night, I woke up early on Sunday determined to fit my long run in outside before the rain started. I had a pre-run rice cake with almond butter and raisins and then headed outside. I ran a 5 mile warm-up followed by 10 miles at marathon pace with a 1 mile cool down. I tried a new type of gel, PowerBar energy gel with caffeine, and I think I liked it more than Gus but less than Clif’s gels. I also got lucky and it didn’t really rain the entire time I was outside. Woohoo!


6. After taking a long nap on Sunday, Ian and I headed to Urban Belly to grab some lunch. We decided to split some kimchee and wrinkle beans to start…


…and then for my meal, I ordered the #14 (spicy garlic chili, tofu, and chinese eggplant) with rice cake instead of egg noodles. I avoided the tofu and was really impressed with the rice cake that tasted like a really thick slice of noodle. Yum!


7. Ian and I ran some errands after lunch and when we got home, I parked myself in the kitchen and got started on making Ian’s breakfasts for the week, glazed chocolate cake donuts. The recipe was pretty simple but I was nervous about actually frying the donuts. I shouldn’t have been though, the oil was a little too hot at first and I think I burnt one or two but after turning the temperature down and figuring out what was going on, it was smooth sailing.


8. Unfortunately, my computer completely bit the dust last night. I’ve been having trouble with it for awhile and my battery has been nonexistent (meaning if I unplug my laptop it immediately shuts down) for about a week now. Ian and I were browsing along when all of a sudden 1,000 pop-ups appeared and wouldn’t go away. Ian spent some time trying to figure out what was going on but ultimately decided I was better off doing a restore. He found a back-up on my laptop from early 2011 and restored everything back to the old settings. It’s really annoying but I’m so thankful that I decided to back all of my files up externally about a month ago. Whew!

How was your weekend? Do you like to catch up on sleep over the weekend?

Monday Things {12-03-2012}

1. On Friday night Ian and I decided to take it easy. We had simple dinners (salads, smoothies) and watched Netflix for most of the evening. After a week of feeling exhausted, the downtime was much needed.

2. Saturday morning I ran the Schiller Chiller. I woke up early on the early-ish side for a Saturday, had a big breakfast of waffles and coffee, and then headed over to Kelsey‘s to catch a ride.

I’m planning on doing a complete race recap this week but I will say that even though the 10k course was a mile short, I had a lot of fun. I met some new bloggers, got to spend some time with the girls I already know, ran in an ugly Christmas sweater, and got in some good miles. It was the perfect start to my Saturday.

3. After the race, a few of the Schiller Chiller runners went back to Kelsey’s to get ready for book club. Last month we read The Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebovitz and while not all of us loved the book but we did have fun with the french theme.

We had a wonderful spread of brownies, trawffles (courtesy of Irina), baked mushrooms, bread, cheese, salad, a fig spread, peanut slaw, and macaroons. There was also plenty of wine.

We mingled, ate, and then did a white elephant gift swap. I brought a Harry Potter pen that was shaped like Harry’s wand and after having two gifts stolen from me, I ended up with a Beatles cd.

Of course, we all hung around longer than planned catching up and chatting. It was so nice to see everyone and to finally meet Irina and Katy. Thanks Sierra for hosting us all!

4. I wasn’t super hungry Saturday night but I knew with a 20 mile run in the morning I should eat some dinner. Ian and I have been talking about grabbing thai at our favorite Chicago spot, Sticky Rice, for awhile, so we decided to bite the bullet and drive over. To start we split sugar cane shrimp.

And then I had the veggie pad thai without egg. I remember the pad thai being good because you get soo many vegetables with the order but while that is still true, the flavor of the dish just didn’t seem right to me.

Maybe about half of this was consumed and the rest was saved for post-20 miler.

5. Sunday I woke up early to prepare for my long run. I had the usual pre-run snack + a few bites of a Heart Thrive granola bar before heading out to run.

I knew I was overdressed when I started to overheat at mile 3. I also had trouble with my fuelbelt riding up and I ran out of water with 6 miles left in my run. Not an ideal run. However, I like to think that toughing out the “bad” runs builds character. Not every run can or will be easy!

6. By the time I got back to my apartment, I was feeling really out of it. I was slightly dizzy and the bottoms of my feet were killing (I think I need new shoes?) so I laid a towel on the couch and drank glass after glass of water until I felt better. After a shower (alternating hot water with very cold water for muscle recovery) and some oatmeal, I was ready to start my lazy Sunday on the couch.

7. After hours of Netflix, Ian and I got stircrazy and decided to leave the apartment. We walked a few errands and then made plans to meet friends for dinner. On our way to meet them we passed Boss Bar, one of the first places Ian and I ever went together (and frequented quite a bit during the first few months we dated). I don’t think we’ve been there in over 3 years so we decided to stop in for a quick drink.

Glass of wine for me and a beer for him.

8. Dinner was at Slurping Turtle, a Japanese style restaurant in River North. I didn’t take any pictures but Ian and I split a few things from the bincho grill and then I ordered the Slurping Noodle which came with rice noodles, clear shio broth, tiger shrimp, napa cabbage, and cilantro (I asked for no tofu). It was really good AND I have leftovers for lunch today. After dinner we headed home and prepped for the start of the week.

How was your weekend?  

Monday Things {Thankful}

1. Thankful that Ian and I were both able to leave work early on Wednesday so that even though traffic to get out of the city was horrible, we got to Michigan at a decent hour.

2. Thankful that my mom was willing to get up early on one of her days off to drive me downtown to run the Detroit Turkey Trot (recap coming soon!)

3. Thankful that we were able to stand inside until the race started and that my mom has not lost her awesome photography skills (just kidding, love you).

4. Thankful that after a year of battling injuries, I was able to run a lot of miles while I was home, including a strong race.

5. Thankful that when my mom’s “puppy” chased Sonic around the house, Sonic was able to escape safely. Also, thankful that Sonic forgot the traumatizing experience after a trip to Petco and some new toys.

6. Thankful that oats in a jar never goes out of style.

7. Thankful that my mom and Ian were willing to have a gluten-free and vegan Thanksgiving so that I could eat everything on the table. We feasted on lentil loaf (my mom and Ian had stuffed chicken breast), cornbread stuffing, cranberries, mashed potatoes and parsnips w/ mushroom gravy, and lightened up green bean casserole.

We also had a side salad with pistachios and apples.

8. Thankful that my mom made a gluten free and vegan version of my favorite pineapple dump cake for dessert. She also picked up Almond Dream ice cream for me to have with it. It’s not by any means traditional but I love it.

9. Thankful that even though OSU beat Michigan, I was able to watch the game with my mom in my sweat pants and a baggy sweatshirt.

10. Thankful for Thanksgiving leftover salads- the only time mashed potatoes have a place on top of spinach.

11. Thankful that somebody somewhere gets my peanut butter addiction.

I was tempted but decided against it :P.

12. Thankful that I was able to go to my favorite Thai restaurant and find something that I could eat.

13. Thankful that despite waking up to snow, I was able to run a halfway decent 17 miler on Sunday morning.

14. Thankful that my mom picked up some of my favorites for me to enjoy while I was home.

I used to eat rice chex for breakfast every day when I was in college (way before I knew I had to go gluten free) and I haven’t had them since. So good!

15. Thankful for mindless tv watching, book club reading, and napping on the couch.

16. Thankful for post-run salads and sweet potato fries, the ultimate combination.

17. Thankful that I got to spend some time with Ian’s family and that I was able to visit his mom’s horse at the barn.

18. Thankful that I was able to unplug for four days.

19. Most importantly, thankful that I was able to spend Thanksgiving with my family (and Ian). It’s tough not living in the same state and I miss my family a lot but I am so grateful that I was able to spend the holiday weekend back home with them.

How was your holiday weekend? Do you ever feel like you need to unplug?

Monday Things {11-19-2012}

1. On Friday night I had a girls night with some of my favorite ladies in Chicago. We ate salad, hummus & veggies, chips & guac, and popcorn while drinking wine and attempting to watch Crossroads (we were waay too chatty for a movie). I had so much fun that I didn’t get home until almost 1 am. That hasn’t happened in a loooong time.

2. I spent the majority of my Saturday watching Michigan beat Iowa (woohoo!) and recipe planning for the Thanksgiving at my mom’s. We’re going to have a few family traditions (modified for my dietary restrictions) as well as some new dishes and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

3. On Saturday night, Ian and I decided to go out for a date night. It’d been about 2 weeks since our last sushi excursion, so we figured it was about time to be sushified. Rather than drive/take the el for 30-45 minutes to go to a sushi spot, we decided to head over to one of the nicer sushi places nearby, South Coast Sushi.

While we were looking over the menu, our waiter brought out fried seaweed with wasabi mayo and spicy mayo for dipping. I always used to love this little appetizer but I can’t have it anymore (although I did steal a few strips of seaweed–I was hungry!)

I decided to start with a ginger salad and Ian had a cup of miso soup and then we split the super white ponzu appetizer.

I love super white tuna, it has to be my favorite sushi fish.

Next, we ordered some nigiri (two yellowtail, two super white tuna, & two salmon) as well as a salmon poke roll (salmon marinated in seaweed, scallion & fresh sesame soy, cucumber, masago, and crushed cashew).

We also ended up ordering an Alaska roll (king crab, avocado, cucumber, and roe). It was good but not as tasty as our first plate.

Overall, it was quite the successful evening and I’d highly recommend South Coast if you’re looking for a good sushi spot in the South Loop area.

4. On Sunday morning I woke up early to get my 14 miler in (cut back week FTW). I fueled with a rice cake with sunflower butter, chia seeds, and dried cranberries and some almond milk (I decided not to fuel during the run but to eat a bigger pre-run snack). The run went well and was over before I knew it! It definitely helped that it was nice and sunny out ;). I’ll get my weekly workout recap up soon (and link to it here like before). Obviously I suck at doing it on Sundays :P. My weekly workout recap has been backposted here!

5. Ian and I spent most of Sunday watching Netflix on the couch. When it came time to make lunch, I only had enough energy to roast some veggies and throw them on top of kale. I was excited to try my new black truffle olive oil from TJs and I used a little bit to coat some brussels sprouts. It was good but not amazing. I’m thinking the oil will better on fries/in salad dressings. Any suggestions?

6. The rest of Sunday was spent in true lazy form. Ian and I watched Walking Dead, Breaking Amish, and more Netflix. Considering we’ll be travelling next weekend, I think we did an excellent job of laying low this weekend :).

7. And now it’s time to announce the two winners of the $25 gift cards from Coca Cola.

So this means that Sarah and Skylar J have won! Please e-mail me your addresses (runningthewindycity[at]yahoo[dot]com) and I’ll make sure your gift cards get on their way!

So now tell me, what did you do this weekend?