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The First Brick

We made it to Michigan at midnight last night and we were all exhausted. We watched some tv to unwind and then crashed in bed. What a way to spend a Friday night.

I let myself sleep in a little bit this morning and then I headed out for my first brick. I was riding my mom’s mountain bike that’s a little too big for me and she didn’t have a helmet (so unsafe- Mom are you reading this?) so I took it slow and rode on sidewalks when possible. I ended up riding for a little under an hour and covered over 12 miles. I’m honestly hoping to cut this down to under 40 minutes but given the circumstances I’m not upset.

I dropped off the bike, drank a glass of water, and then headed out for a mile run. I know it sounds silly to go for such a short run but as this will be the first week that I’m running 6 days since my injury and its my first week of tri training and my first brick ever, I wanted to take it easy.

My run was fine, I ended up running a 7:20 min/mile but it seriously took me a good half of a mile to feel normal. When I started out I felt like I had taken a couple of tequila shots and then tried to go for a run ;). I was disoriented and my legs felt like jello! It totally humbled me- I definitely need to incorporate more bricks in my training!

After my workout, I got Ian out of bed and we went to meet Brian, one of my oldest and best friends, for lunch at a vegetarian/vegan restaurant called the Inn Season Cafe.

I ordered a quinoa brown rice salad with carrots, walnuts, and lots of other chopped veggies. I also had a cup of coffee… mmm caffeine!

It was really good. I ate about half and packed the rest up to go!

I love spending time with Brian and look forward catching up with him when I get a chance. He went to college in Boston and we haven’t really caught up since my trip, so we had a lot to talk about today.

Please ignore the hair- we were running late to meet him and I didn’t have time to dry it!

This was us at our senior prom- I can’t believe how long ago that was!

After lunch Ian and I walked around the downtown area and then stopped at Sonic so Ian could order a cream slush.

Plans for the rest of the day include relaxing, maybe going to a cycle shop to pick up some shorts, and then dinner at one of my favorite childhood tex mex places.

Have a great Saturday!

Sunday Recap & a Trip to Chinatown

Happy Sunday evening! It feels weird saying that because neither Ian nor myself have to work tomorrow and I don’t have class. It feels much more like a Saturday over here than a Sunday night :)

This afternoon Ian and I went to Chinatown to pick up some groceries for a recipe I want to make this week.

Chinatown is not that far from us but we barely ever make the trip. It’s fun to walk around the different shops and grab a quick bite to eat or a bubble tea. Today we were primarily there to go grocery shopping but Ian picked up a red bean milk tea that we split while shopping.

When we finally made it to the market we couldn’t find half of the things we needed. After walking up and down the teeny tiny crowded aisles, we gave up and left the store. It just wasn’t worth it anymore!

Do you have to work tomorrow? If not, how are you enjoying your long weekend?

Welcoming 2012

Happy New Year! Did you all have a great time celebrating the start of 2012? Ian and I enjoyed a great sushi dinner and then came home and watched movies until the clock struck midnight. Pretty exciting right?

But, I do have to admit, it was soo nice waking up this morning sans hangover and feeling refreshed. I really don’t like hangovers!

2012 started with a baking project, Five and Spice’s Warm Custard Spoon Bread.

I followed all of the directions except I subbed maple syrup for vanilla extract (we’re out). I was also a little nervous that the recipe wouldn’t turn out after reading the directions “scrape the batter” and mine was runny.

However, I shouldn’t have worried. The bread turned out and you could even see the different layers! I took a bite and then drizzled maple syrup on the rest (as suggested).

Yum! The bread reminded me of french toast and quiche at the same time. It was savory but still sweet and definitely hit the spot for a New Years day brunch!

I started to get antsy hanging around the apartment so Ian and I decided to go out and walk around the city. At the time of our decision it was sunny and my phone told us it was 40 degrees out, it sounded like the perfect walking weather!

My phone was wrong. It was cold out, spitting snow, and gusting wind. We decided Starbucks was necessary to combat the weather, and I had my second and last skinny peppermint mocha of the season. MMmmm…. goodbye holidays :(

The city was pretty dead this afternoon but I had heard that there were lots of “activities” going on at Navy Pier, so Ian and I decided to walk down there.

But when we arrived, we couldn’t find anyone. Where were all of the people?

Still, we trekked on to the end of the pier and took a picture near the anchor.

How does this compare to 2+ years ago? :P

Finally we ducked inside and found some people. Whew. But still no activities. Did public televison lie to me?

We walked for about 2.5 hours before stopping for lunch at Rock Bottom Brewery.

We must have waited too long to eat because I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture of my lunch until I was halfway through.

I had a seafood cobb with citrus vinaigrette. It had shrimp, crab, avocado, an egg, tomatoes, mandarin oranges, and cucumbers. It was delicious and light. Just what I wanted. A salad can still be delicious without bacon and cheese ;)

We decided to quit being heroes and took the ‘l’ home where upon arrival we turned up the heat, sat on the couch under a blanket, and watched the movie Hanna. It was good but very strange, not at all what I was expecting!

Now we’re trying to decide what to do tonight. We feel like we should go out because neither of us have to work tomorrow, but the weather is so nasty out!

How did you start 2012?

Presentation Done!!

Today was pretty uneventful besides for the fact that my presentation is over!! It went well, maybe it could have gone better, but I’m just glad that I don’t have to think about it anymore :)

Cue nerdy thumbs up picture :P

Also look who I caught in the act today-

Sonic loves to steal things from the sink- the drain, forks, spoons, you name it. Sometimes I really wish I knew what he was thinking!

I’ll be back later with an interesting dinner!