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Fourth of July Things {07-08-2013}

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend, mine was a good mix of having fun, being productive, and relaxing. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a ton of pictures so I’ll do my best at recapping our festivities!

Thursday: My fourth started off with an early tempo run, a patriotic breakfast (vanilla rice chex, banana, blueberries, strawberries, and almond milk), and a slow morning.

After Ian woke up, we walked to Mariano’s to pick up turkey burgers and beer, grabbed lunch at The Twisted Spoke (bbq pulled pork tacos!), and then took a nap. We eventually headed over to Erin‘s to grill out on her rooftop and watch the fireworks with her husband Jason, Kelsey and her boyfriend PartyDog, Katieand Molly, and some of Jason’s friends. It was so much fun and a nice reminder that we need to grill more!

Friday: I ended up taking Friday off from work so I slept in a little, headed out for an easy run, and then spent the morning eating, reading, and lounging on the couch. A little after noon, I headed downtown to Water Tower to meet Kelsey to shop. I needed to exchange a skirt and pick up a dress for a wedding that Ian and I are attending this weekend so having an extra day to run errands was perfect. J Crew was having a super sale so I found a dress there for only $50. Happy day.

After shopping I was wiped so I took a short nap, ate dinner with Ian once he got home from work, and then we went out to iCream for dessert.

sonicKitty sticker on the kitty.

Saturday: I knocked out an easy run first thing, grabbed a quick breakfast, and then headed downtown to meet Bethany, Erin, and Kelsey for free Zumba in Millennium Park. We arrived a little early and found a spot about halfway back from the stage so we could watch all of the people in front of us ;).

zumbaThe class was fun but hard! I’ve never done Zumba before so I had no idea what to expect and I was impressed with how sweaty and tired I felt afterwards. I also really enjoyed that we had three different instructors so we got to try different types of routines and that it was outdoors. So much fun!

zumba1After Zumba, we all went back to Kelsey’s to shower and change before heading out to Taste of Lakeview for some lunch. We arrived before the crowds got too bad and had our pick of places to try. I opted for a chicken kebab and “salad” from some catering restaurant that also served lots of delicious things like plantains, arepas, and empanadas. Katie also joined us which was a nice treat!

tasteoflakeviewI met up with Ian after lunch to do our grocery shopping for the week and then we headed home to watch some Fringe and relax a bit before meeting up with some friends at Lillie’s Q for dinner. I had a hard cider and the most delicious salad ever.

That’s an old picture but it was virtually the same only bigger. After dinner we went home and watched more Fringe… season 4 is so good!

Sunday: Another early morning and another easy run in the books. Afterwards, Ian and I cleaned our apartment, ran some errands, visited our favorite neighborhood fruit stand, and watched more Fringe. We debated going for a bike ride but opted to take a walk instead and picked up some pizza for Ian for dinner (we keep getting coupons for free pizza in the mail). We closed out our night with more Fringe and some Breaking Amish. It was a relaxing way to finish up the weekend.

How was your fourth?

Holiday Things {12-26-2012}

1. On Thursday I started to have some heel/arch/foot pain so I was on injury watch all weekend (and into this week). I had asked my mom for some compression socks for Christmas so she thoughtfully gave them to me early so I could live in them while I was at home. I think they helped with things but I know that I looked cool rocking green socks all weekend!


2. On Saturday, after running a million errands and spending lots of money on shoe inserts and athletic tape (did I tell you how seriously I’m taking this minor foot pain?), my mom and I were finally able to go to Inn Season, a vegetarian/vegan restaurant near my mom’s house. Unfortunately, after a day lacking in veggies, all I wanted was a salad so instead of trying one of the cool, vegan entrees, I stuck with a basic spinach salad with golden beets, raisins, sprouts, avocado, and tahini dressing. It was good but I could have had a salad anywhere, what was I thinking?


3. For some reason I thought it would be fun to check out the mall while I was home. Somerset is always decorated for the holidays and after spending a lot of time there in middle school and high school, I like to go back when I’m in town. Well, the mall was an absolute mess of people and the decorations were a little lacking this year but I managed to do a little more shopping and even picked up a sweater on sale at J. Crew.


4. When I’m in Michigan, I almost always need to go to Siam Spicy, my absolute favorite thai restaurant ever. Their pad thai is THE BEST but on occasion I like to branch out and try something new. This time I tried a stir fry dish that came with ginger and a black bean sauce. It was good and really spicy!


5. On Sunday I squeezed in my last 20 miler for the Goofy Challenge. I ran 20 miles out from my mom’s over to where we used to live and met my mom and Ian for lunch at one of my favorite cafes. The sidewalks were icy and the route was really hilly but I loved the change of scenery and really enjoyed myself. My foot also didn’t really bother me while I was running which was a huge plus!

photo (2)

6. On Christmas eve after running more errands, my mom, Ian, and I grabbed lunch at the only open place in the area a Mediterranean place and had quite the unplanned feast. I ordered vegetarian grape leaves and a juice (carrot, beet, apple) and was surprised to be served a huuge entree sized salad, grape leaves, fries, and tahini sauce. The fries were outstanding and I definitely ate a little bit too much.


7. On Christmas morning, I woke up early and headed out for a recovery 8 mile run. My foot didn’t’ really hurt but didn’t feel great either so I took my run nice and easy.

After eating, we exchanged gifts and listened to Christmas music. It was a great way to start our Christmas morning.

8. Last year, instead of having a formal Christmas meal, my mom and I decided to have something more manageable for only a few people and made chili. We decided to keep the tradition this year and made vegan and gluten free cornbread muffins, a turkey chili, and then my favorite vegetarian chili. I definitely had my share of chili and cornbread, it’s one of my favorite meals.


For dessert, I had a piece of my favorite cake, pineapple dump cake. The “recipe” is incredibly simple and can be veganized and made gluten free and still tastes good. I ate entirely too much of this stuff while I was at home!


9. Unfortunately, shortly after Christmas lunch, Ian and I packed up and headed back to Chicago. We both have to work today so we wanted to get back, unpack, and relax a bit before going to bed.

How was your holiday weekend?
What’s one of your family’s holiday traditions? My mom always reads The Night Before Christmas to me and even though I’m older, I don’t want to break the tradition!