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Bountiful Eatery Blogger Meet-Up

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Last night a bunch of the Chicago Healthy Living Bloggers met up at Bountiful Eatery in Lakeview for dinner. Bountiful Eatery is an entirely gluten free restaurant that also has great dairy free and vegan options. Katie and I had eaten their previously and my takeaway from that trip was that not only was everything delicious, fresh, and healthy but you couldn’t tell it was gluten free. I was excited to go back!

There was a great blogger turnout yesterday and it was so nice to catch up with familiar faces.

From left to right: Bethany, Christina, Erin, Katie, me, and Emily [photo via Kelsey]. Not pictured: Sierra, Alyssa, Cate, and Kelsey.

Last time I went to Bountiful Eatery, I tried a sandwich, side salad, and soup so last night I wanted to order something a little different. I decided on the 3 salad sampler that came with quinoa salad (fresh made quinoa, red bell pepper, tomato, parsley, mint, cucumber, scallions, lemon juice, olive oil and herbs), chickpea salad (chickpeas, carrots, raisins, mint and extra virgin olive oil), and black bean salad (black beans, tomato, scallions, chipotle and cilantro) over spinach.

They were all good but my favorite was the chickpea salad. I loved the raisins.

After dinner, the owner brought out two desserts for us to try. One was a brownie and the other was a tofutti bar.

I tried the tofutti bar last time I was there and the brownie had dairy in to so I couldn’t have one but everyone else seemed to enjoy the desserts.

Bountiful Eatery is definitely worth checking out if you are ever in the Lakeview area and craving a satisfying and healthy meal! Also, thanks to the owner for letting us bloggers take over half the restaurant and providing us with a food discount!

This morning I woke up and completed my first VO2 workout. I warmed up for two miles and then ran 800 m at 5k race pace followed by an 800 m jog (repeated 5x) with a 1 mile cool down (total 8 miles). It was really tough but I was able to get my 800 m at 5k pace in the 6:30-6:40 range. I was definitely tired and really sweaty by the end but it felt really good!

Time to head to work, happy Thursday!

Have you ever been to an all gluten free/all vegan/all veggie restaurant? Did you like it?
Do you do speed work?

Evening Running & Gluten Free Products

Ever since my heel injury, I’ve been trying to find out what was different about my marathon training this time around that would have led to an injury. I followed a similar plan, didn’t drastically increase my mileage, and have been running the same routes both long distance and short (I’m boring that way). Really, the only thing that has changed is my reliance on the treadmill.

For previous marathons I have used the treadmill at most 3 times per month for days when it was too cold/snowy/icy/hot to run outside. I have also never been as busy as I am right now while training and jam-packed days + homework has pushed my workouts to early early morning. As I’m not very comfortable running in the dark in Chicago, this has caused me to rely more on the treadmill.

Enter the dreadmill and running on it 3 or more times per week. Now, I don’t think that the treadmill is the only contributor to my injury (I also need to include more recovery runs, look into new shoes/orthotics etc) but the association is alarming and at least for now I am avoiding the treadmill like the plague.

What does this mean for fitting in my workouts? Well, I’m going to have to start running in the evenings (at least temporarily until its lighter in the mornings) which is going to be hard for me, I’m such a morning runner!

I could sit here and list the MANY reasons why I love running in the morning, but I’ll spare you and instead share one of the main reasons I decided to start running in the morning in the first place: stomach troubles.

I don’t remember having stomach aches before college but once I cleaned up my diet and made running a priority I started having stomach issues. In college, I decided to stop drinking cows milk and that helped with a majority of the problems at the time but even still I was always much more comfortable working out right after waking up.

While I was in undergrad, I worked at a social science institute that did a lot of research in Nepal and after graduating I was given an opportunity to visit. I saw a lot of interesting things and had many amazing opportunities while I was there including riding an elephant bareback and visiting Buddha’s birthplace. I also contracted a nasty parasite/virus/sickness that caused me to lose almost 10 pounds in three weeks (I was lucky and had two bouts of the nastiness).

Now I don’t know if whatever happened in Nepal exacerbated an underlying condition or created a new one but since then my stomach has never been quite the same. Sometimes I feel sharp pains in my abdomen and I can’t stand up straight but more often than not its annoying and uncomfortable bloating. Unfortunately this happens pretty often which is why I haven’t blogged about it before.

I’ve completely stopped chewing gum and drinking Diet Coke (two prior vices) to see if that would improve things and it did slightly. I also (pre-blog) cut out dairy which seemed to help things for awhile but it was never a complete fix. I’ve added dairy back in since then.

I tend to notice bloating after I eat starchy foods and sweet baked goods and so now I’m wondering if I have some aversion to either gluten or refined sugar. I’m obviously not a doctor and am not trying to undermine food allergies, they’ve very serious conditions, but I am trying to improve my health and help me feel more comfortable. I intend to see a doctor after I graduate when I have more time to both keep a food diary and work at elminiation diets (both take a lot of planning and dedicated time that I just don’t have right now) but until then I’ve started to add some gluten free foods into my diet to see if I can tell a difference. So far I have (but then again its so hard to know without complete elimination) and I’ve actually really enjoyed the products I’ve tried. Plus, gluten free oats were cheaper than normal oats at my Trader Joe’s last week so it was really a no-brainer.

If you are all interested, I can keep you updated on my stomach condition and if you’re not then I’ll never blog about it again, seriously just tell me! My main goal is to keep this blog as positive as possible while also keepying myself healthy and feeling good :).

Now onto something less serious. Today was an example of a day that I chose to run in the evening and guess what? I planned my meals well and had no stomach pain (or heel pain!!) while running!


I’m off to take a shower, eat some dinner, and relax because tomorrow is a loooong run day :)