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Three Aces {Date Night}

After publishing yesterday’s post I realized that while getting back into my normal routine has been tough this week, I really wasn’t doing anything to prevent myself from feeling lethargic and tired in the evenings. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people complain about something that they can change, so I decided to do something to combat my fatigue (besides drinking a gallon of coffee).

One of the reasons I feel so tired after work is the fact that it’s pitch black out when I leave the building. As I run in the morning (dark) and usually don’t have much time to step out for lunch, the only daylight I’m really experiencing is on my commute to work. Then when I get home and it’s dark out, all I want to do is eat dinner, put on my sweats, and curl up on the couch for the night. Sounds pretty anti-social right? Well, this winter I’m challenging myself not to hibernate. Obviously everyone needs a little downtime, but I’m really going to push myself to go out more during the week, see friends, and have date nights with Ian.

Which brings us to last night, after a week of “blah” evenings, Ian and I decided a date night was in order! We decided to go to Three Aces, a fun gastropub in Little Italy. We’ve been there a few times (including once for brunch) and have always had good drinks, good food, and a great time :).

Three Aces is on the “trendy” side so when I got home I changed out of my work clothes into my favorite only hipster clothes.

I almost wore my glasses but decided against it at the last minute :P.

The dinner menu is not exactly food allergy friendly but I was able to make-do with a few substitutions. In addition to a glass of wine for me and a beer for Ian, we split the apple and fennel salad (without cheese) to start.

It was awesome and the smoked almonds were so good! I didn’t even know that people smoked almonds but I liked them :).

For my actual dinner, I ordered the beer steamed mussels. The broth was fabulous and there was even some butternut squash at the bottom of the bowl. So good!

Ian had a risotto that came with ham and black eyed peas. He really liked his meal but couldn’t keep his hands away from the mussels either. I’ve always thought that Hopleaf had the best mussels in Chicago but Three Aces sure gave Hopleaf a run for it’s money!

It was so nice to get out of the apartment on a Thursday night and have a nice meal. I’d highly recommend Three Aces to anyone who likes craft beer (their beer list is super impressive) and farm-to-table food.

This morning I woke up feeling much better. My legs weren’t as stiff (must have been that long foam rolling session yesterday) and I felt ready to run. My workout was on the shorter side (5 miles w/ 6 x 100 m strides) but I felt much stronger and looser than I have all week.

Now I’m off to tackle my last workday of the week. Have a good one!

Escaping the Snow {Dinner at Hackneys}

When I left work last night we had accumulated about 4 inches of snow, it was still coming down, and the roads were miserable.

That’s traffic at a green light. Insanity!

We didn’t have much at home in terms of dinner so we decided to head over to Hackney’s because their food is good and it’s close enough to our apartment that we wouldn’t have to rely on a car, cab, or public transit.

I started with a glass of Merlot and had two throughout the evening. This is why I was unable to blog last night. When did I become the ultimate lightweight?

Ian was playing with the camera settings and said something funny which is why I’m laughing. No worries, I have no shame of looking dorky on the blog :P

Ian’s favorite type of soup is clam chowder, so when he saw it on the specials menu, he ordered a bowl of it for us to share.

It was really good and there was a lot of clam meat in the soup. No skimping there!

For dinner, I ordered the Fresh Salmon BLT salad without bacon.

It was okay. The lettuce and tomatoes were fresh but the salmon was dry. This was a special salad and I think they were trying to go the healthy route with the fish but it tasted bland. Where were the spices?

Even still, I finished most of it and helped Ian with some of his fries. Next time I’ll order my usual, tilapia tacos :)

We were home early and watched a few episodes of Friday Night Lights before I promptly passed out. My college-self would be so embarrassed!

Plans for today include a run (I’m still deciding if it will be inside or out), some errands, homework, and maybe a trip to Piece later.

Have a great Saturday :)

Did you get snow where you live?


This morning I had one of the greatest workouts. Don’t you love that feeling? My body is tired and energized at the same time :-D

Monday is normally my off-day because I choose to do my long runs on Sunday. However, my schedule got screwed up this week when I chose to run 14 miles on Saturday instead of the usual Sunday. So, I figured I’d take Sunday off and let my legs recover from my run and then use Monday as a free workout day to do whatever I like (instead of focusing on the BM).

My mom gave me some new swim toys for Christmas, so I decided to finally put them to good use. FYI many pools provide these and you wouldn’t need to purchase them, mine however does not.

I also wanted to run a few miles today, just to loosen my legs, so I figured I would just take care of that while at the gym. I packed a bag full of my workout gear- kickboard, swim buoy, towel, goggles, swim plan, glasses case, contacts, change of clothes, gym shoes, socks, ipod, etc.

The bag was stuffed!

It was totally worth it though. I swam a total of 1,800 yards using a modified version of my interval workout including lots of pulls and kicks (needed to use my new toys) and then hit the treadmill for 3 miles of running intervals. I warmed up at 7.5 and then alternated between 7.6 and 8.7 staying at each speed for 2 minutes. Whew!