Happy Sunday evening! It feels weird saying that because neither Ian nor myself have to work tomorrow and I don’t have class. It feels much more like a Saturday over here than a Sunday night :)

This afternoon Ian and I went to Chinatown to pick up some groceries for a recipe I want to make this week.

Chinatown is not that far from us but we barely ever make the trip. It’s fun to walk around the different shops and grab a quick bite to eat or a bubble tea. Today we were primarily there to go grocery shopping but Ian picked up a red bean milk tea that we split while shopping.

When we finally made it to the market we couldn’t find half of the things we needed. After walking up and down the teeny tiny crowded aisles, we gave up and left the store. It just wasn’t worth it anymore!

Do you have to work tomorrow? If not, how are you enjoying your long weekend?