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Tri Training

Happy Thursday! You have no idea how happy I am that today is here :)

After I finished my assignment yesterday I looked at my summer schedulre and realized that I only have 7 weeks until my first triathlon. Ahh! How did that sneak up on me? I’m honestly not too concerned about the distance in each event: .5 mile swim, 13 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run but putting them all together? Terrifying!

As I know I’m quite capable of finishing the distances, my first thought was to not train for the event at all. I mean I’m coming back from a running injury and my main goal this summer is to properly heal and rebuild my mileage. So maybe I should just wing the triathlon?

Unfortunately, for me, training isn’t all about the physical – there’s a huge mental component to it as well and I know that if I don’t train I won’t be mentally ready for my race. Plus, even though I don’t have a time goal for my first tri, I want to be competitive! I don’t want the race to be miserable and I want to have fun.

I searched the internet for some training plans and found a wide variety. Many emphasize swimming but for a .5 mile swim I just don’t see the point. Especially when I swim a mile at least once a week.

So in typical Lindsay fashion I created my own training plan. It’s nothing fancy, I’m going to continue safely increasing my running distance while adding in two swims and two days of riding my bike each week. Both of my swims will be during the week along with one bike ride and I’ll save the other ride for Saturday so I can throw a few brick workouts into the mix. My goal is to keep up my running 5-6 days a week through all of this as well (I’m currently only running about 22 miles per week so this seems reasonable but I may have to change this when I get back up into the 40′s).

So, what do you guys think? Does this seem reasonable and will this prepare me for a sprint tri? I’m open to any advice or suggestions because I am a total newbie!

Alright time to get moving! Have a great one guys!

Boston Marathon: Cut-back Week 2 {13}

Good morning and happy Sunday! This week was another training cut-back week so my schedule called for a 13 miler this morning.

Before I left I snacked on a small tortilla with sunflower seed butter, chia seeds, and raisins.

It wasn’t as tasty as toast with peanut butter but it sat a lot better in my stomach! Maybe I should switch my pre-run fuel?

The weather was perfect today, no ice or snow in sight, and despite my sore legs, I felt really speedy :).


It felt so good to run fast. Especially since my last few long runs have been after (or during!) snow storms or I’ve had to deal with ice. It was so refreshing to not have to spend my entire run staring at the sidewalk looking for hazardous ice patches!

Breakfast was my best version of oat-less oats yet.

I whisked together 3 egg whites, 1/3 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1/3 cup pumpkin, 1/2 smashed banana, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice, and 1 tsp maple syrup. I heated it on the stove and stirred in raisins.

I topped the oat-less oats with cashews and cookie butter. I even went back for more cookie butter, it just tasted so good!

Dinner last night
Ian had to run a late errand so we didn’t eat until after 8:30. It ended up working out nicely because he offered to order Thai and pick it up on his way home. Fine by me!

I ordered the Pad Ped Paak with tofu. It was supposed to have a lot of vegetables but mine came with some cabbage, a few pieces of broccoli, a couple baby corn and snap peas, and tomatoes. Not exactly what I was expecting.

It was also very tofu heavy. I ended up eating all of the veggies and saving some of the tofu, it was just way too much!

Dessert was the Sprinkles we picked up earlier in the day.

Salty Caramel on the left and Raspberry Chocolate Chip on the right.

A sugar coma quickly ensued.

I’m off to bake some cookies for a Superbowl party and then get some homework done. Have a great Sunday!

Do you have any Superbowl plans?

Boston Marathon: 14 miler

After passing out gracefully on the couch last night at 10:30, I was more than ready to get up and run at 7:00 am this morning.

I ate half a piece of bread with sunflower butter and chia seeds as I was getting ready.

I’m hoping to keep increasing the size of the bread, but so far this is all my stomach can handle before running and I don’t have the patience to wait for my food to digest.

Someone didn’t want me to leave but after some cuddles and a few treats, he calmed down :)

My legs felt the best they have on any Boston Marathon training run so far but I was extremely thirsty the entire second half of my run. It was weird because I don’t usually need water on long runs in the winter.

Splits (min/mile)
1- 8:05
2- 7:52
3- 7:42
4- 7:43
5- 7:25
6- 7:49
7- 8:01
8- 8:13
9- 8:00
10- 8:11
11- 7:48
12- 7:46
13- 7:52
14- 7:47

I finished in 1:50 with an average min/mile of 7:53.

I was happy with this time considering I ran through downtown (straight down Michigan Ave) and its hard to keep a steady pace when you’re constantly stopping and weaving through people.

I wasn’t super hungry when I first got home so after drinking some water, I sipped on a protein shake.

I found these last summer at TJ’s and they’re pretty great (for protein shakes). They’re 100 calories, have 21 g of protein, and only 1 g of sugar… AND they don’t taste chalky!

When I started to feel hungry, I made another baked oatmeal but this time added chia seeds and raisins.

I topped it with cookie butter and banana slices like last time but also threw on a drizzle of maple syrup.


Ian and I are doing some shopping today and then have dinner reservations tonight. No big party for us this year, somehow we just couldn’t justify spending $100 to drink with a bunch of strangers at a bar :P

What are your NYE plans?

I hope to be back later with resolutions!

Christmas Cookie Sunday

Today was one of those Sundays that just flew by, how is the weekend over already?

I dug into the pantry earlier and pulled out my free Godiva chocolate for the month- a creme brulee truffle.

Seriously, this is one of the greatest promotions. If you sign up with Godiva and get a rewards card, once a month you can go into the store and pick out a free chocolate and all they do is scan your card in return. There is no obligation to purchase any chocolate! Its so worth it and it isn’t too indulgent as you only get one chocolate per month (and its goood chocolate too ;)).

After running errands and calling my grandma (its her birthday today!), Ian and I baked cookies and set them aside to decorate after dinner. We figured this would put the brakes on the snacking before dinner.

Dinner tonight was something really time consuming special, Get Healthy with Heather’s twice baked potatoes. While Ian will eat pretty much anything I put in front of him, he is truly a meat and potatoes type of guy. However, as I don’t eat meat and rarely cook potatoes, he oftens eats vegetarian grain-type dishes at the apartment, and while he says he enjoys them I know he misses his mom’s cooking. So.. sometimes I like to surprise him and cook something a little more up his alley.

I made two types of potateoes- some with bacon for Ian and then some with crispy tofu for myself. I also roasted some brussels sprouts with olive oil, salt, and pepper.

I served myself one baked potato and some brussels sprouts and told myself to eat the vegetables first. I knew that it would be better for me to fill up on veggies than the potato that was fairly heavy. It worked and I managed to eat all of the sprouts and about 2/3 of the potato.

Oh, and the potato…amazing, midwestern cooking at its finest!

Finally, after dinner we decorated the cookies.

I was so proud of myself, for the first time ever I didn’t snack on too much dough, icing, or bits of cookies! I have been known to nibble so much while baking that I want nothing to do with the final product, I’m already so sick of it!  As a reward for my good behavior ;), I had a small cookie for dessert with a small drink of almond milk, soy eggnog, and cinnamon. I’ve found this is an easy way to lighten up egg nog while still retaining its taste.

Yum. What a night.,  my stomach is full, my Christmas spirit is flying high, and I have a light breakfast and lunch packed for work tomorrow.

I hope you enjoyed you Sunday as much as I did mine!

Boston Marathon: 12 miler take 2

I had another 12 miler on my schedule this weekend in order to offset the extra mileage during the week. This really wasn’t smart. I totally violated the 10% rule and increased my mileage from 32 miles last week to 42 this week. What can I say, I’m a total idiot. I felt the difference today and my run was not as good as last week.

Live and learn, even marathoners aren’t superheros :P.

I woke up around 7 to get ready to go. Pre-run fuel was a small piece of strada.

This was a bad decision, oregano burps while running are really unpleasant.

I actually really enjoyed my run. I ran over by where I used to live, went for a stretch on the lake shore trail, and then headed through downtown. The streets were pretty empty and the sun was out. It was gorgeous! The only problems were the small patches of ice on the sidewalks and bridges. While yesterdays snow might have melted, the ice stayed around! I managed not to slip (yes!) and finished 12.3 miles in 1:35.

1- 7:30
2- 7:42
3- 7:46
4- 7:54
5- 7:38
6- 7:32
7- 7:55
8- 7:50
9- 8:01
10- 8:22 <– garmin crapped out under the ‘l’
11- 7:18
12- 7:57
.3- 7:34

Overall I’m happy with this run considering the drastic bump up in mileage. I plan to take it easy today by foam rolling and maybe even visiting my gym’s hot tub. We shall see, but today is all about recovery.

Breakfast when I got home was the oats I wanted to make yesterday

I whipped up some banana custard oats with raisins and egg whites and topped them with some granola and Trader Joe’s cookie butter (please buy this now!)

I also had some coffee with soy egg nog and an adora disk. Perfect recovery breakfast!

Last night
The original plan last night was to eat leftovers for dinner and relax, but after hanging around the apartment for a couple of hours, both Ian and I became antsy and decided to go out for dinner. We wanted to go somewhere within walking distance but also wanted to try a new restaurant. After some yelping, we decided on The Scout Waterhouse & Kitchen, a relatively new bar in the area that boasted good food.

The Scout also had an extensive and reasonably priced beer list (win!) so I started the night with a Goose Island Sofie.

I really want this glass! The beer wasn’t so bad either ;)

For my main I ordered the seared scallops. They came with a sweet corn garnish and fried carrots.

I also split some fries with Ian. Ian ordered this amazing looking mac and cheese dish with bacon, asparagus, and mushrooms. He loved it.

I have to say I think we’ll be back here again!

After dinner we watched a movie on Netflix, apparently I didn’t make it through the whole movie because Ian managed to take this picture. Oh well, Sonic was just so comfy and warm!

I really have no plans for the afternoon besides relaxing and reading. There may even be a nap in my future!

What are your plans for the day?