This past Monday, I had the privilege of checking out the Yoga Loft with some fellow bloggers and friends.


I really had no idea what to expect. I honestly don’t love yoga (although I give people who regularly do yoga so much credit). I’d love to get into it but every time I try to relax my mind wanders and I get all fidgety. This puts yoga up there with the elliptical and weight lifting on my list of things I just don’t want to have time for.

However, Kelsey assured us that the Core Sculpt class we had signed up for was not yoga.

See the description? It’s absolutely correct, you will definitely sweat and then feel amazing afterwards! After arriving at the studio and signing in, we grabbed a set of hand weights and found a mat. We started with some stretching, warmed up our muscles, and then started sculpting.

The best part about the class was the way our instructor, Tim, led us through the movements. We did each full-body strength move for just the amount of time it took to start to feel uncomfortable and then he’d switch things up. He also broke up the workout with two short cardio sessions where we did jumping jacks, high knees, and chopped our feet. I never felt bored and the 45 minutes flew by.

I left the class feeling incredibly flexible and strong and even today, three days later, I can still feel a few twinges in my non-running muscles that were worked out for the first time in a while. This is the sign of a great workout.

The Yoga Loft is a little on the pricey side ($18/class or you can buy a package of classes at a discounted rate per class) but it’s one of those classes that if you’re someone like me who struggles to strength train on your own, it’s totally worth it. I’m thinking of adding some sculpt into my workout schedule during my next off season, I can definitely see how it could improve my running!

After the class, us bloggers decided to go grab some dinner at Protein Bar. I was in the mood for a salad so I had their superfood vegan salad without tofu and the dressing on the side.

So green and so delicious!

How do you strength train? Are you a fan of yoga?