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Weekend Things {Memorial Day}

1. Sorry for disappearing last week. I had a few posts due for random things (including a guest post for the Run for Boston 5k) that totally ate up my blogging time. I’m hoping to get back into a blogging groove this week though…. starting with weekend things!

2. My office closed early on Friday afternoon so I was really happy to get home before 6 pm. I was not happy to see that Sonic had climbed back up into the ceiling while we were gone though.

sonic ceiling1

Fortunately, he was able to get himself down but it seems that getting up there is his new thing. Ian and I are brainstorming ways to prevent him from climbing into the ceiling without having to do too much construction to our apartment (i.e. nailing up a board to block him). Any ideas?

3. Ian and I spent Friday night running errands and on Saturday, I headed out for a 6 mile run.


I used to run by the lake every morning but my new apartment is just shy of 3 miles from the lake and with coming back from an injury, I haven’t been running far enough to make it to the lake front. That changed twice this weekend though because I followed up my Saturday run with a nice 7 on Sunday.


4. Saturday was book club and I hosted this month. We discussed Stiff by Mary Roach, a book that a few of us really enjoyed, a few of us found creepy/boring/gross, and a few of us just didn’t have time to read. I actually really liked it, even though at first glance I thought it would be difficult to read. I think the authors humor and honesty really lightened up the subject matter and I learned a lot!

Like always the food was really tasty, the company was fabulous, and I really enjoyed seeing everyone!

5. After book club, a few people stayed around and we played Fruit Ninja on Ian’s Xbox Kinect.

You have no idea how much fun this game is until you try it plus it’s incredibly amusing to watch other people slice their hands through the air to hit the fruit!

6. On Sunday morning, Ian and I met up with Katie, Kelsey, Emily, Erin, and Erin’s husband, Jason, for some tacos and fun at the Maxwell Market. We walked around a bit first and I found a present for my mom:


She loves her toothpicks.

And then we got in line for some tacos! I was really hungry by this point and happily enjoyed two al pastor tacos with cilantro and onion and split a huge horchata with Ian that was bigger than my face.

taco collage

I was quite the happy camper afterwards.

7. Ian and I ran some errands and then relaxed at home before heading out for cuban food for dinner. On our way back from the restaurant, we decided we wanted to figure out how to get on to our roof (we have a deck with grills and seating up there). It did not disappoint!


8. The weather was kinda crappy in Chicago on Monday so besides heading out for a short run and then giving Sonic another bath (he got really dirty in the ceiling), Ian and I just relaxed. I read my book, he played his video game, and I even managed to prep a bunch of food for the week. We’re going out of town on Friday and I know work is going to be extra busy this week + PT so the less time I have to spend thinking about meals and cooking the smoother my week will go!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun for Memorial Day?

Five for Friday {03-08-2013}

1. Last Sunday was the Chicago Healthy Living Blogger March book club potluck. I seriously look forward to book club all month! I love chatting with all of the ladies, trying so many delicious and new dishes, and drinking a little wine.


We were supposed to have read Unbroken but I’d only received the book from the library a few days before so I was only 100 pages in when we met on Sunday. I’m still working my way through it (and I don’t see myself writing a book review) but I can honestly say that I think Unbroken is one of those books that everyone should read.

2. I have a Runners World calendar on my desk at work and earlier this week I was happy to see this quote from Fred Lebow:


SO true! I love morning running so I’m definitely biased BUT when you wake up early and get your workout out of the way, it truly feels like you gain an hour to your day. Plus, you don’t have to spend all day worrying about fitting in a trip to the gym after work or analyzing every morsel of food you eat wondering if it’ll upset your stomach on your run later.

3. Speaking of early morning running, as much as I love getting up early and pounding the pavement, I definitely have mornings when I don’t want to get out of bed and/or I feel tired and sluggish while getting ready. Most days speed doesn’t matter and I can just go with the flow but feeling worn down or really tired can be problematic on tempo or VO2 max days. Lately, to counteract this, I’ve been having a gel with caffeine (like a Powerbar or Clif gel with 2x caffeine/shots) before heading out for longer speed runs in the morning and it’s really been helping. I’ll be the first to admit it’s a more expensive way of fueling but because I can’t stomach coffee right before a run, it’s a lifesaver. Happy runs are the best runs!

4.. Yesterday, I received a little prezzie from popchips (anybody spot a kitty in the background?).


Haha little is an understatement. Stuffed in that bag is the Jillian Michaels book, a reusable bag, chip clip (yes!), pens, and tons of popchips including some new-to-me flavors like sweet potato and thai sweet chili. I can’t wait to dive in– thanks popchips!

5. Tomorrow I’m running Muddy Monk’s Punk the Monk Trail 5k. I’m so excited! I have a few friends and Ian running it but I’m not sure if I want to run it for fun or “race” it. I’ll probably make the call tomorrow morning. Either way, it’s going to be a blast. Art posted this picture of the trail yesterday and while I assume some of the snow will melt today, it’s most likely going to either be snowy or muddy tomorrow!


(photo credit to the Muddy Monk)

What do you have planned this weekend?

Monday Things {12-03-2012}

1. On Friday night Ian and I decided to take it easy. We had simple dinners (salads, smoothies) and watched Netflix for most of the evening. After a week of feeling exhausted, the downtime was much needed.

2. Saturday morning I ran the Schiller Chiller. I woke up early on the early-ish side for a Saturday, had a big breakfast of waffles and coffee, and then headed over to Kelsey‘s to catch a ride.

I’m planning on doing a complete race recap this week but I will say that even though the 10k course was a mile short, I had a lot of fun. I met some new bloggers, got to spend some time with the girls I already know, ran in an ugly Christmas sweater, and got in some good miles. It was the perfect start to my Saturday.

3. After the race, a few of the Schiller Chiller runners went back to Kelsey’s to get ready for book club. Last month we read The Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebovitz and while not all of us loved the book but we did have fun with the french theme.

We had a wonderful spread of brownies, trawffles (courtesy of Irina), baked mushrooms, bread, cheese, salad, a fig spread, peanut slaw, and macaroons. There was also plenty of wine.

We mingled, ate, and then did a white elephant gift swap. I brought a Harry Potter pen that was shaped like Harry’s wand and after having two gifts stolen from me, I ended up with a Beatles cd.

Of course, we all hung around longer than planned catching up and chatting. It was so nice to see everyone and to finally meet Irina and Katy. Thanks Sierra for hosting us all!

4. I wasn’t super hungry Saturday night but I knew with a 20 mile run in the morning I should eat some dinner. Ian and I have been talking about grabbing thai at our favorite Chicago spot, Sticky Rice, for awhile, so we decided to bite the bullet and drive over. To start we split sugar cane shrimp.

And then I had the veggie pad thai without egg. I remember the pad thai being good because you get soo many vegetables with the order but while that is still true, the flavor of the dish just didn’t seem right to me.

Maybe about half of this was consumed and the rest was saved for post-20 miler.

5. Sunday I woke up early to prepare for my long run. I had the usual pre-run snack + a few bites of a Heart Thrive granola bar before heading out to run.

I knew I was overdressed when I started to overheat at mile 3. I also had trouble with my fuelbelt riding up and I ran out of water with 6 miles left in my run. Not an ideal run. However, I like to think that toughing out the “bad” runs builds character. Not every run can or will be easy!

6. By the time I got back to my apartment, I was feeling really out of it. I was slightly dizzy and the bottoms of my feet were killing (I think I need new shoes?) so I laid a towel on the couch and drank glass after glass of water until I felt better. After a shower (alternating hot water with very cold water for muscle recovery) and some oatmeal, I was ready to start my lazy Sunday on the couch.

7. After hours of Netflix, Ian and I got stircrazy and decided to leave the apartment. We walked a few errands and then made plans to meet friends for dinner. On our way to meet them we passed Boss Bar, one of the first places Ian and I ever went together (and frequented quite a bit during the first few months we dated). I don’t think we’ve been there in over 3 years so we decided to stop in for a quick drink.

Glass of wine for me and a beer for him.

8. Dinner was at Slurping Turtle, a Japanese style restaurant in River North. I didn’t take any pictures but Ian and I split a few things from the bincho grill and then I ordered the Slurping Noodle which came with rice noodles, clear shio broth, tiger shrimp, napa cabbage, and cilantro (I asked for no tofu). It was really good AND I have leftovers for lunch today. After dinner we headed home and prepped for the start of the week.

How was your weekend?