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Catch Up

I’m working on a post detailing my thoughts about Hansons Marathon Method but I’m waiting to see how post-marathon recovery goes before I publish it. In the meantime, let’s catch up!

  • I took almost an entire week off from all physical activity after the marathon and channeled my running efforts into sleeping- seriously. The only morning that I actually woke up to my alarm (and not Ian’s) was Saturday and that’s because I have to be at lab on time or I fail the class (womp womp). I’m always nervous that I’ll go stir crazy not running but I really needed the week off. My hamstring was acting up and I just crashed after the marathon. I’m not sure if the crash was due to running a strong race or running & training for 3 marathons in the last year (I actually ran 3 in 9 months) but either way, I needed a short break.


  • The past week was also the perfect time to get caught up on school work. This fall has been busy for me and I haven’t been able to devote the attention I need to studying, but without the added stress of running a race, I’ve been able to dive into homework/studying with full force (and with my study buddy, obviously).


  • One of my goals for training over the summer was to streamline my life so I could sleep for the maximum amount of time. As a result, I barely cooked, baked, or did any food prep (besides packing breakfast and lunch). With not working out much, my study breaks have consisted of lots of baking and cooking, I’ve even made breakfast at my apartment a few times (as opposed to oatmeal packets, granola bars, overnight oats, etc.). I’m also out of the apartment from 7:45 AM – 10/11 PM two nights during the week so I’ve come to appreciate eating home cooked meals when I can.


  • Over the weekend, Ian and I finally took care of a few things we’ve been putting off for the last month. This included unloading all of the holiday decorations from his car from when we went home in early October. Nothing like a little holiday confusion. The question is, now that the decorations are in the apartment, will we actually hang them up? My bets are on no….


  • On Sunday, I decided to give running a try… and it went okay. I headed out for 30 minutes without my Garmin and just ran slowly by feel. My hamstring felt tweaked but the rest of my body felt recovered. My goal for this week is just to get back into a workout routine so gentle cardio is my BFF. I don’t have any races on my calendar right now so there’s no reason to rush back and risk injury. Running makes me happy, even if I can only run a few miles, and injuries make me sad. It’s basic science.


  • I got into the pool on Monday for the first time since May and it was very apparent that I am out of swimming shape. I felt sooo slow but I enjoyed the variety so I’m hoping to keep it up for at least the next month (until my pass expires). I’d like to focus more on strength training this winter (don’t I always say this? at least I’m not promising yoga…) so I doubt I’ll be swimming much then but who knows.

How do you recover after a big race/event? What’s your favorite way to strength train?

Five Things Friday {10-04-2013}

1. One thing that I didn’t mention in the engagement post is that shortly after Ian proposed, while we were waiting for our drinks at Violet Hour, Ian noticed that there was something weird in his pocket….


Yep. Nic Cage was officially at the proposal. We laughed about it and then decided to pass Nic along to our server and left him with the check :).

2. I haven’t gotten enough sleep this week and I’m starting to lose my mind. It’s not pretty. I’m actually debating skipping my run tomorrow so that I can “sleep in” before Saturday morning lab. Ha. I laugh because I need to be in Evanston by 8:30 which means I need to leave my apartment before 7 AM still not sleeping in but waking up at 6 on a Saturday is much nicer than 4. I also can’t run after lab because…

3. Ian and I are headed to Michigan on Saturday afternoon to celebrate our engagement with our families and look at a few venues. I’m trying not to freak out too much and go into super type-A planning mode but I’ll feel so much better once we pick a venue and set a date. It’s starting to feel very real!

4. Last night I went to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams with Katie, Bethany, and Erin.  The storefront was really cute and fun and they had a million amazing sounding flavors.


I was really glad that they only had two sorbets so I didn’t have to choose!


I had the cherry lambic sorbet and the riesling poached pear sorbet. Both were fabulous but I think I liked the pear a little bit more.

5. Katie sent me this Despicable Me picture and I loved it so much I had to share:


Happy Weekend!

What are you up to this weekend?

Catch Up

Every so often, I get caught up in other life things and the blog gets neglected. It’s sad but just how things go. It’s been a while since I’ve written a non-training post so let’s play a little catch up.

Two weekends ago, Ian and I met two of his friends for pho at a tiny Vietnamese restaurant on Argyle St. I ordered Pho Ga and it was outstanding. Ian and I also split an order of spring rolls that were pretty tasty too.


The next day it rained all day long so Ian and I decided to run errands and then hibernate in our apartment. Around 2 pm we started to hear music and decided to venture outside to find its source. Turns out there was a little festival a block over from us during the rainstorm. I give them a lot of credit for playing in that mess.


Work last week was horrendous, we had a big deadline and despite finishing our pieces early, we still were almost unable to submit due to a technical glitch. Talk about stressful. After I found out that our submission was successful and I wouldn’t need to work all Thursday evening, Ian took me out for dinner and a huge, much-needed beer.


Has anyone heard of having homework before classes start? I hadn’t either but apparently its a thing? My classes start this week but I spent a lot of time last week and this weekend with my new favorite book…



Last Friday I had a sports massage to work out whatever is going on in my calf. This was my first sports massage and I wasn’t sure what to expect but I really enjoyed it… after it was over. The entire massage wasn’t painful but oh man, I was seeing red when she was working on my calves. The massage therapist believes that my calf issue is nerve-related so she made sure to work along the nerves to help loosen any that may be pinched due to tight muscles. Whatever she did, it helped a lot and by Sunday, I was completely weird sensation-free!

On Saturday, I had to go back up to Evanston again to pick up something from the bookstore. You better bet, I wore my Michigan gear all over the Northwestern campus too. NU seems so different from UofM or maybe I have a different perspective on everything now. Thoughts for another day.


Yesterday, I met Katie and Miss Molly to go for a walk around the park. Katie and I caught up while Molly chewed on sticks and stalked squirrels and then Katie and I went to get froyo. It was so much fun!


Molly couldn’t wait to see me :).

What have you been up to lately? Fill me in!

Five Things Friday {09-13-2013}

1. Last Saturday, we went to the Chipotle Cultivate Festival in Lincoln Park. This festival is by far one of my favorites in Chicago. You can order off-menu items, listen to free music, check out local vendors, and then walk around to different “activities” where you learn more about Chipotle. If you go to a certain number of activities and have your program stamped at each one, you also get a coupon for a free burrito/burrito bowl/salad/tacos/etc. So worth it!

I tried the chicken tacos and they were much spicier than I expected (warning: blurry picture to follow).


You better bet we got the coupons for free Chipotle too.

2. When I picked Maria up from the Megabus stop last Saturday, she told me that she had brought a little something for Sonic.


Yep. Just “a little something”. Unfortunately, my picky kitty does not like to wear the horn but I’m thinking he just needs to get used to it? I’m not giving up yet!

3. I totally jinxed myself with running. I was just thinking how I’ve found a really good running groove. My mileage feels challenging but manageable, my legs aren’t achey, and I’m not feeling burnt out in the slightest- I actually have been looking forward to all of my runs recently. I decided that I’d add 2ish miles to my scheduled 6 miler today (for all the above reasons) and woke up early to have enough time for a longer run. Then, 1 mile into my run, my right calf tightened up and my knee felt weak. Whomp, whomp. It never hurt and felt normal while running so I’m not freaking out or anything but I did decide to keep my run at the prescribed 6 miles… and now I feel fine. Haha. It’s like my legs sensed I was getting a little too comfortable and decided to remind me that they’re ultimately in charge.

4. In March, I wrote a post about meal planning and then Ian and I moved and I totally fell off the bandwagon. Let’s just say meals this summer have been a lot simpler. I have a tendency to get into food ruts until I am absolutely sick of a food/meal but Ian needs a lot more variety which is fun but takes more time to plan for. I’ve been making more of an effort to plan out 1-2 breakfasts a week (something for Ian to take in the morning and maybe a fun weekend breakfast — during the week I stick to oatmeal or overnight oats) and 2 recipes for dinner (the other nights we eat basic food like meat + starch + veggie, leftovers, or we have a make your own dinner night) because I know things are about to get a lot busier when my classes start later this month.  This week we picked two winning recipes – these quesadillas and then this thai chicken quinoa bowl.


You can bet I’ll be making this again. Maybe I’ll even adapt it to make it allergy-friendly + vegan for book club.

5. Has anyone else heard about this? Katie texted me about it this morning and then I looked it up to verify. I’m sooo excited!

What are your plans this weekend? I’m on a mission to eat pho and then I hope to sleep, run, and relax!

Weekend Things {08-12-2013}

1. On Friday night, Ian took me out for a date night at Two, one of the nice restaurants near our not-so-new-anymore apartment. We hadn’t been to the restaurant before so we enjoyed quite the feast – we tried their faro salad, the pork ribs, scallops, and Ian had the duck egg pasta. Everything was fabulous and the date night was a great way to kick off vacation and spend some quality time with Ian before I headed to Michigan.


2. I woke up fairly early on Saturday to squeeze in an 8 miler before catching the Megabus.


Sigh. Chicago is really beautiful.

3. A week or so ago, I received a package of bars to sample from Erica (thanks girl!). I’ve been saving them for my vacation and decided to try this Simple Squares bar crumbled in almond yogurt for a quick breakfast on Saturday. It was really good and not at all what I expected- it was packed full of seeds and nuts. It also kept me full until my mom picked me up in Ann Arbor at 2 EDT which is definitely a sign of a substantial snack bar!


4. Oh, the Megabus. My ride wasn’t bad at all actually. The bus was really empty and I was able to sprawl out and attempt to take a nap. I forgot how much of a pain the one stop is though. It’s only an hour from Ann Arbor and they always give you so much time. I was ready to go!


5. By the time I got to Ann Arbor, I was hungry so my mom and I grabbed lunch at Grizzly Peak. We split polenta fries and I had a cherry chicken salad that was pretty amazing. I <3 Ann Arbor.

6. Dinner on Saturday night was chicken pad thai from my favorite Thai restaurant ever, Siam Spicy. I like to have Thai the night before a long run (carbs, salt) but I could eat this pad thai every day. It’s so spicy and not sweet at all, just the way I like it.


Plus, their portion size is large enough that I always have leftovers!

7. After dinner my mom and I took my mom’s 80 lb “puppy” for a walk.


This dog has sooo much energy it’s unreal and even after multiple walks and lots of play time she’s still a handful.


Good thing she’s cute ;).

8. I actually slept through my alarm Sunday morning and headed out for my 15-miler an hour later than planned. Fortunately, it was overcast and actually kind of cool so it didn’t matter too much. I ran a big loop through the Detroit burbs and felt really strong.


This is where we all the cool kids hung out in middle school and high school.

9. After my run, I lounged around, tried to sunbathe, and ate some leftovers before my mom and I headed out to run more errands. Our intentions were to pick up some stuff to grill but we ended up running into Hansons Running Shop, Target, Dunhams, Kroger, and even stopping for a quick treat at TCBY.


They now have Silk Chocolate Almond almond milk froyo and I had to try it! And yes, I know the cone has wheat in it. I only took a few bites (paid for it later) but getting froyo on a cone is so much better than in a  cup!

10. We relaxed at my mom’s house for a bit, fired up the grill, and made some corn, BBQ chicken, and zucchini on the grill. It was fabulous. We chased dinner with a walk with the pup who proceeded to lay down in a huge puddle of muddy water forcing us to cut the walk short and give her a bath. Crazy.

11. This morning I woke up early to beat the rain and get in an easy run. Even though it was overcast and drizzly, the neighborhood is so green right now it was gorgeous.


I <3 nature.

12. I’m on vacation and off work this week so my mom and I are planning on grabbing lunch at one of my favorite deli’s today and then hanging low until the rain stops.

How was your weekend?