Monday- OFF
Tuesday- Recovery 6 miler. My legs were stiff and tired and it felt difficult to maintain an even pace (avg pace 8:13 min/mile)
Wednesday- General aerobic 14 miler. I think this was too much too soon post 21 miler (Sunday before). I finished and felt great but I felt exhausted all day and the rest of the week which could have been because I stayed up late the night before watching election coverage :). (avg pace 8:00 min/mile)
Thursday- Recovery 6 miler. More stiff legs and tiredness. Also had some weird knee pain/clicking. (avg pace 8:15 min/mile).
Friday- Recovery 4 miler. Started to feel better and didn’t have any knee pain but took it super slow. (avg pace 8:27 min/mile)
Saturday- Shake out 6 miler. Felt good (minus the back pain) and after being cooped up in the apartment all morning I was ready to run. (avg pace 7:29 min/mile).
Sunday- 16 miler. My back was hurting a lot and my legs felt tired. I also think I bonked (dehydrated? not enough carbs?) and was not mentally into the run. I toughed it out and finished at a pace I was okay with considering the circumstances (avg pace 8:00 min/mile)

Total miles: 52

My pace was not what I wanted it to be this week but I’m guessing my body was warn out from the previous week of high mileage + speedy 21 miler. If that’s the case then I’m okay with it, slower > injured. This coming week is a cut back week and hopefully if my body is worn out the lower mileage will be beneficial and I’ll feel stronger the following week!