1. This weekend went by in a quick and tired blur. After three mornings of waking up before 5 am, I was exhausted Friday night. I threw dinner together for Ian and I and then we spent the rest of the night on the couch watching t.v. The highlight (or low light) of the night was losing my pinkie toenail (ew, I know I’m gross). I’m pretty sure I crashed around 9 pm and managed to sleep through the night until 7:30 am on Saturday. That’s a lot of sleep for me!

2. After breakfast, I lounged around the apartment, headed out for a 4 mile recovery run, and then headed to the gym to try a power yoga class. Now I’m not a big yogi, I’ve been to a few classes here and there and I’ve only been able to really get into one class and I believe it was Bikram style but I’m always up for something new and I figured I should check out the class at my gym. Yeah, it just didn’t do it for me. Sure my arms were a little sore afterward but I just didn’t love the class, it wasn’t a total waste of time but I’m not sure I’ll go back. I really do wish I could love yoga but it’s just not something I enjoy.

3. For lunch on Saturday, I met up with some friends at Tweet to celebrate Emily‘s birthday. The restaurant was father north than I usually venture but the menu was extensive and everything sounded so good. They even had a gluten free menu. I’d already eaten breakfast, so I opted for a huge southwestern cobb salad. It was massive and delicious.


After lunch, we headed over to a small Asian market and picked up kabocha squashes on the cheap.

Emily, me, Kelsey, & Katie

4. Saturday night was also super chill. Ian and I knocked out our grocery shopping, ate dinner at home, and then watched a movie on t.v. Ian was exhausted from working on his car so he crashed early and I read Cutting for Stone, until I got tired. We were party animals this weekend :P.

5. After a restless night, I woke up early on Sunday determined to fit my long run in outside before the rain started. I had a pre-run rice cake with almond butter and raisins and then headed outside. I ran a 5 mile warm-up followed by 10 miles at marathon pace with a 1 mile cool down. I tried a new type of gel, PowerBar energy gel with caffeine, and I think I liked it more than Gus but less than Clif’s gels. I also got lucky and it didn’t really rain the entire time I was outside. Woohoo!


6. After taking a long nap on Sunday, Ian and I headed to Urban Belly to grab some lunch. We decided to split some kimchee and wrinkle beans to start…


…and then for my meal, I ordered the #14 (spicy garlic chili, tofu, and chinese eggplant) with rice cake instead of egg noodles. I avoided the tofu and was really impressed with the rice cake that tasted like a really thick slice of noodle. Yum!


7. Ian and I ran some errands after lunch and when we got home, I parked myself in the kitchen and got started on making Ian’s breakfasts for the week, glazed chocolate cake donuts. The recipe was pretty simple but I was nervous about actually frying the donuts. I shouldn’t have been though, the oil was a little too hot at first and I think I burnt one or two but after turning the temperature down and figuring out what was going on, it was smooth sailing.


8. Unfortunately, my computer completely bit the dust last night. I’ve been having trouble with it for awhile and my battery has been nonexistent (meaning if I unplug my laptop it immediately shuts down) for about a week now. Ian and I were browsing along when all of a sudden 1,000 pop-ups appeared and wouldn’t go away. Ian spent some time trying to figure out what was going on but ultimately decided I was better off doing a restore. He found a back-up on my laptop from early 2011 and restored everything back to the old settings. It’s really annoying but I’m so thankful that I decided to back all of my files up externally about a month ago. Whew!

How was your weekend? Do you like to catch up on sleep over the weekend?