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  1. Not Loving Chicago says:

    Hi Lindsay – I was flipping through the Internet looking for running resources and came across your site. Your enthusiasm and success with running are phenomenal and I wish to not only congratulate you but pick your brain.

    Bottom line, I moved to Chicago about 2.5 years ago and my fitness has taken a death blow. Simply put, stuff I used to love to do (running, swimming, biking, yoga) I can’t find any love for here in the city. I’ve joined numerous running and triathlon groups in the city with limited success. It’s not clear if they actually enjoy the training or, like a learned helplessness they’re just accepting what they have. My question – how do you do it? I don’t enjoy running when I have traffic all around me, people all around me and an uninteresting landscape (flat as flat can be).

    Maybe you wrote a post on it but I would love to hear you explain how/why you love fitness in Chicago. Maybe it can help me find it. So far in my time in Chicago I’ve LOVED two total days of running: Christmas Day two years in a row. No people, no cars, no worries.

    I’m having equal problems with biking. The lakefront path is suicide so it’s not an option. Burbs are okay but still too much traffic for my liking.

    Maybe I’m just living in the wrong city.

    Not Loving Chicago

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