Five Things Friday {09-13-2013}

1. Last Saturday, we went to the Chipotle Cultivate Festival in Lincoln Park. This festival is by far one of my favorites in Chicago. You can order off-menu items, listen to free music, check out local vendors, and then walk around to different “activities” where you learn more about Chipotle. If you go to a certain number of activities and have your program stamped at each one, you also get a coupon for a free burrito/burrito bowl/salad/tacos/etc. So worth it!

I tried the chicken tacos and they were much spicier than I expected (warning: blurry picture to follow).


You better bet we got the coupons for free Chipotle too.

2. When I picked Maria up from the Megabus stop last Saturday, she told me that she had brought a little something for Sonic.


Yep. Just “a little something”. Unfortunately, my picky kitty does not like to wear the horn but I’m thinking he just needs to get used to it? I’m not giving up yet!

3. I totally jinxed myself with running. I was just thinking how I’ve found a really good running groove. My mileage feels challenging but manageable, my legs aren’t achey, and I’m not feeling burnt out in the slightest- I actually have been looking forward to all of my runs recently. I decided that I’d add 2ish miles to my scheduled 6 miler today (for all the above reasons) and woke up early to have enough time for a longer run. Then, 1 mile into my run, my right calf tightened up and my knee felt weak. Whomp, whomp. It never hurt and felt normal while running so I’m not freaking out or anything but I did decide to keep my run at the prescribed 6 miles… and now I feel fine. Haha. It’s like my legs sensed I was getting a little too comfortable and decided to remind me that they’re ultimately in charge.

4. In March, I wrote a post about meal planning and then Ian and I moved and I totally fell off the bandwagon. Let’s just say meals this summer have been a lot simpler. I have a tendency to get into food ruts until I am absolutely sick of a food/meal but Ian needs a lot more variety which is fun but takes more time to plan for. I’ve been making more of an effort to plan out 1-2 breakfasts a week (something for Ian to take in the morning and maybe a fun weekend breakfast — during the week I stick to oatmeal or overnight oats) and 2 recipes for dinner (the other nights we eat basic food like meat + starch + veggie, leftovers, or we have a make your own dinner night) because I know things are about to get a lot busier when my classes start later this month.  This week we picked two winning recipes – these quesadillas and then this thai chicken quinoa bowl.


You can bet I’ll be making this again. Maybe I’ll even adapt it to make it allergy-friendly + vegan for book club.

5. Has anyone else heard about this? Katie texted me about it this morning and then I looked it up to verify. I’m sooo excited!

What are your plans this weekend? I’m on a mission to eat pho and then I hope to sleep, run, and relax!