Goofy Challenge: Goals and Plan

I’ve talked very little on the blog about what exactly I want to accomplish at the Goofy Challenge and I think that’s because for the longest time I didn’t know. I kept running three different scenarios through my brain:

  1. Run the half too fast, feel exhausted during the full and wish I’d never signed up for the race.
  2. Run the half slow, run the full at a comfortable pace and enjoy both races — treat them as training runs for Boston.
  3. Run the half slow, feel so good on the full that a PR is possible.

Now obviously, number three is the option that is most appealing to me but it’s also the least practical. I have NO idea how my legs are going to feel when I wake up on Sunday and I have a tendency to get excited during races and may run too fast during the half. I also didn’t use the special Goofy training plan (I wanted to test out Advanced Marathoning before I used to for Boston) so I’m very well trained for a marathon but not back-to-back double digit races.

Add to that the fact that my foot started bugging me about 3 weeks ago so I drastically cut back on speed work and that I’m pretty positive I had a lovely bout of food poisoning yesterday (that I’m still getting over)…. Basically, I have no idea how I will perform this weekend!

And you know what? I’m totally okay with that. For awhile I wasn’t seeing the forest for the trees, I was focusing so much on Disney that I forgot that Boston is the end goal and Disney was always intended to be a fun run.

So am I going to go and run my little heart out? Of course. Am I going to be upset when my marathon time is slower than my potential? Hopefully not.

Has anyone done the Goofy Challenge? I would love some last minute tips!
Have you ever had a near perfect training cycle? I’ve always experienced something- pain, illness, burnout during taper! Maybe I’m overreacting?