Last night Ian and I took advantage of Restaurant Week and went to Le Colonial for dinner. For those who don’t know, Restaurant Week is an awesome event where for 10 days, over 200 restaurants in the Chicago area offer prixe fixe menus started at $22 for lunch and $33 for dinner (there is also usually a $44 menu). As most of these restaurants are usually pretty pricey, this is a great deal!

Our dinner reservation was pretty early because we wanted to take our time and enjoy a leisurely Sunday dinner but even still we arrived a little early. The restaurant was great and offered us a seat on their heated balcony.

It was really cool to sit up there, but I bet it would be even more amazing in the summer when the windows are open!

I started with a glass of chardonnay and then opted for the $33 menu for dinner. There were pescatarian options on both, but I thought the $33 had better choices overall.

(Just for reference I had the #3, #47, and the macaroon.)

First course was the spring rolls with peanut plum dipping sauce.

They were SO good and the sauce was to die for. They were also surprisingly heavy so I split them with Ian.

Ian ordered off of a different menu and had a beef salad. He loved it and said he’d order it again in a second.

My main was the tofu curry and when it came out I couldn’t believe how big it was. No skimping on food for Restaurant Week at Le Colonial!

It was really good and the tofu was cooked perfectly. It was also really interesting to have asparagus, sweet potatoes, and mangos in curry. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to dig into my leftovers!

Ian ordered the trout. The presentation was really cool but when it came down to it, the meal was really just a lot of fish, no extra veggies and hardly any noodles. It was tasty but pretty one note.

The best part of Restaurant Week is that they force you to order dessert (obviously). It’s so easy to say no to dessert when you’re fairly full after dinner¬†but when it’s already included in your meal, you have to at least try some and will almost never regret it ;).

I ordered the coconut macaroon.

And Ian ordered the fried banana wanton.

They were both really good and I don’t think I could pick a favorite if I tried. I will say though that Ian’s came surrounded by this light banana-flavored glaze that was AH-mazing!

I also enjoyed a cup of decaf coffee with dessert. I love how coffee cuts the sweet!

Overall we had a great experience at Le Colonial. The service was good and the food and ambiance were both great. I hope to be back again someday, there are so many things on their main menu I want to try!