My Favorite New Running Products

For Christmas this year I received quite a few running-related items. Compression socks, touchscreen running gloves, arm sleeves, a RoadID gift card, headphones, a pullover… the list goes on and on and while some items I have yet to try (my arm sleeves are will be perfect for the Goofy races), others have become new favorites.

I’m not one to obsess over name brand running gear. I have some higher quality tights because I live in them over the winter but I generally layer up my upper body with underarmour, old race shirts, and one of my two (now three) winter running jackets that I’ve had for years.

So you can guess that I was pretty excited when I received the what the fluff pullover from lululemon for Christmas. Not only did it look incredibly warm, but I also received it in a bright yellow that is perfect for running in the dark mornings!

I got this present early and couldn’t help but wear it on my last 20 mile run. I was incredibly impressed by how warm the jacket kept me and how easily it moved. I was a little concerned that the fluff would be annoying or feel heavy but it didn’t at all and the thumb holes were a nice touch ;). Since then, I’ve worn this jacket many times including on sub-20 degree mornings and felt pretty invincible to the cold. It’s the perfect jacket for cold winter running!


While the jacket is pricey, knowing what I know now, it’s definitely something I would buy for myself and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of good use out of it!

The other awesome gift that I received and have been using is new headphones. I’m pretty old school about my headphones, ear buds won’t stay in my ears and I much prefer something that clips over my ear and doesn’t move too much. Considering that only one side of the set I had been using worked, I was definitely in need of some new ones.

I used to buy my headphones at Walgreens/CVS/Walmart but they’ve all started carrying mainly ear buds so I was struggling to find the kind that I wanted. My mom listened to my complaining and then went out and bought me a set of polk headphones.

The headphones are awesome. They came with a bunch of different ear covers (including sherpa for the cold!) and a travelling case and work with iPods and iPhones (a big problem I was having with my cheaper sets). My only problem is that the band that goes around my neck does not like to be there at the same time as my ear band so for now I have to choose one or the other (this will not be a problem once it warms up though!). I see myself getting a lot of use out of these headphones and I bet they will last a LOT longer than my previous sets (thanks Mom :)).

Do you have any new favorite running products? What about must-have running products?