Marathon Training Week 21 {Goofy Challenge}


Last weekend I started to have some random foot pain in the same part of the foot that is affected by plantar fasciitis. I freaked out, bought two pairs of shoe inserts (including new insoles for my running shoes), and started icing like crazy. After some achy pain early last week, I decided to take Wednesday-Friday off of running to see if it would help. I kept icing, stretching, and walked everywhere in my running shoes and guess what? By Friday morning the foot pain was pretty much nonexistent. I’m not going to go ahead and say I’m in the clear from injury BUT so far so good *fingers crossed*.

The elliptical was of course boring but by Friday night I was eager to get up and run. This eagerness was great motivation because I ran through snowfall on Saturday and temps in the teens (windchill in the single digits!) on Sunday morning. Hello winter running!

Overall I’m feeling good and I’m going to keep up with the foot icing and stretching regimen. I’m hoping to get through the Goofy Challenge (and ultimately the Boston Marathon) uninjured and my foot pain was a nice reminder that I need to stretch and foam roll more!

Also- thanks to Katie for the weekly workout picmonkey tutorial!