Revisiting 2012 New Year’s Resolutions

Last year, I made a handful of resolutions and then quickly forgot about them :P. Whoops! Surprisingly, even with being absentminded, I still managed to follow through with a few of my resolutions and thought it would be interesting to revisit them. Here goes!

1. Learn to be more comfortable in my skin, even if that means accepting my dorky side.

tailgating_linds-001I’m not quite sure what exactly I meant by this but I have become more comfortable with myself in the past year. A lot of my personal growth can be attributed to meeting new people and saying “yes” to almost everything I’ve been invited to (lesson learned from MWF Seeking BFF…). Putting myself in different situations had not only exposed me to new things, people, and places but it has also helped solidify who I am. I wouldn’t say I’m 100% confident but I’ve definitely made a lot of progress.

2. Create and cook at least one thing each week (meal, snack, etc). I love making recipes from blog-land but I feel like I use them as a crutch sometimes. I want to be more creative in 2012.

DSC04090Bahahaha. Fail. Actually, I’m 100% okay with this fail because in 2012 I realized that (1) I’m a cook not a chef, meaning that I am really great at following a recipe but not so good at coming up with one on my own and (2) I don’t really have time to fiddle around in the kitchen creating a recipe. I suppose that I could make time to do so but it’s honestly not a priority and I am a-OK with that. I’d much rather spend my time cooking other people’s delicious recipes! Maybe one of my 2013 goals should be to take down the “Recipe” page on my blog :P.

3. Complete a triathlon. I’ve run a lot of races and have focused much of my training on marathons but I think that after Boston, a little change up will be fun.

DSC03782Well, I didn’t actually run Boston BUT I did finish not one, but two triathlons. I enjoyed them so much that I even bought my own road bike! [Aside: I'd like my tan back]

4. Spend more time doing things I love and less time doing things I think I should do. Life is just too short to sit on the sidelines!

DSC03534I think this resolution went hand-in-hand with my first one. In 2012 I tried new things and put myself in new and exciting situations more often than I have in the past. I also finished my MPH so I had more time to do fun things and had fewer obligations (homework). Along with these changes, my mentality shifted and I was much more focused on living in the moment and less obsessed with doing the things I thought I should do to plan for the future. It made for a fun year!

5. Be good to my parents- I would love to take my mom on a short trip/ adventure this year. She’s always been so good to me, why shouldn’t I be good to her?

DSC03173This didn’t really happen although I did go to Boston with my mom and I went home/my mom came to Chicago a fair amount this past summer and fall. I would have loved to take my mom on a trip but after graduating and coming to grips with the debt from my MPH along with the job market, it just made sense to save the money. Plus, my mom got a new puppy which made travel during the summer difficult. I think and hope that I was good to my parents, but I don’t think that making a resolution about it was really necessary- I would have been good to them no matter what.

I’ve been considering making resolutions for next year but I’m not completely sold on the idea yet. If I do, I’ll be sure to post them early next week so that I can look back on them next year when I inevitably forget I made resolutions!

Did you make New Year’s resolutions for 2012? If so, how did you do? Did you forget them like I did?