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Monday - OFF
Tuesday – Recovery 7 miles with 8 x 100 m strides (avg pace 8:12 min/mile).
Wednesday - VO2 max 10 miler with 4 x 1200 m strides. This run was hard, especially in the dark when I couldn’t really see my Garmin. I didn’t feel very motivated to do speed work at 5:30 am but I managed to complete it and I was proud of that (avg pace 7:42 min/mile).
Thursday - Recovery 6 miles on the treadmill. The winds were too strong and it was starting to drizzle so I decided it was best to run on the treadmill. I took it easy starting slower and increasing my speed every 2 miles (avg pace 8:11 min/mile).
Friday – This was supposed to be an 11 mile run but I had a strange foot pain start on Thursday and it was twinging while I ran on the treadmill. I decided to get off the ‘mill after 5 miles and hopped on the elliptical for another speedy 4 miles (avg run pace 8:00 min/mile; avg elliptical pace 6:15 min/mile).
Saturday – OFF. My foot pain was scarily similar to plantar fasciitis so I played it safe. Lots of icing and calf stretching. I also bought two new pairs of inserts (one for walking and one for running) and used them. I also lived in compression socks.
Sunday – Foot felt better so I completed my last 20 miler. I ran straight out 20 miles toward the area I used to live in Michigan (much more “rural” than where my mom lives now) and my mom and Ian met me for lunch at one of my favorite cafes. My foot felt fine the entire run but I forgot how hilly my route was and the sidewalks were icy/snowy. It was a tough run but a fun and pretty (see pic above) way to end my Goofy training :) (avg pace 8:09 min/mile).

Total miles: 48 running, 4 elliptical

I’m really hoping that my foot pain is not pf and is just a twinged/bruised tendon but I’m planning to be very careful in the next few weeks. It’s officially taper time and I’m much less concerned about getting in miles and more interested in staying healthy. My goals for the next few weeks are to keep stretching and icing and hopefully I’ll be good to go for Disney!