A few days ago, Kim, posted her 2012 racing statistics on her blog and because I’m a nerd and love numbers, I thought it was so cool. Fortunately, she also posted a template for other bloggers to use. In putting my stats together, I’ve really enjoyed looking back at my races– hopefully you do too!

Total races participated in: 10
Races “raced”: 4
DNFs: 0
DNSs: 1 – the Boston Marathon

5k: 4
10k: 3
M: 1
Sprint triathlon: 2
New to me distance: Sprint Triathlon

States run in: Illinois, Massachusetts (well almost), Michigan
Road races: 8
Technical trail: 2
Months run in: 12 but I only ran 2x in March due to injury

Hottest race: Boston Marathon or Triceratops Tri – both were near 90 degrees
Coldest race: Detroit Turkey Trot 10k– it wasn’t even that cold, I was lucky this year!
Windiest race: BTN Big10k – I remember it being windy but again it wasn’t really all that bad.
Wettest race: N/A

Participation medals received: 2
AG medals received: 2
1st place: 1, Strike Out ALS 5k
3rd place: 1, Triceratops Tri
Overall place: 1
1st female: 1, Strike Out ALS 5k

Races run alone: 5
Races run with others: 4
Color Run: Ian, Maria, and Brian
Terrapin 5k: Ian
Thriller in Schiller 5k: Kelsey, Emily, Katie, and Alyssa
Schiller Chiller 10k: Kim, Erin, and Alyssa

Races run without music: 6
Races run without Garmin: 3 but only 2 were intentional
Races run in costume: 2

Medal: Triceratops Tri Age Group Award was a bike chain with a bottle opener attached.
Bib: Boston! Mine is still “preserved” in it’s wrapper.
Picture: Close tie between the pictures from the Thriller in Schiller and the one of Ian and I finishing the Terrapin 5k. Can you see us in the back holding hands?


So tell me about your races in 2012 :).