Marathon Training Week 17 {Goofy Challenge}

Monday- OFF
Tuesday- Recovery 8 miles. Initially I was supposed to do some speed work but I skipped it to get in more recovery miles because my legs were stiff/sore (avg pace 8:07 min/mile)
Wednesday- General aerobic 12 miles. My legs felt better but I was really sleepy and felt out of it. Honestly, I was just glad to finish this run (avg pace 7:55 min/mile).
Thursday- Recovery 6 miles. Thought I was going to get in some speed work here but decided my legs weren’t ready for it, tried to run at a pace where I felt like I was conserving energy (avg pace 8:17 min/mile).
Friday- Recovery 5 miles with 6 x 100m strides. Legs felt a lot better by Friday after foam rolling and stretching and I was able to get in some good strides (avg pace 7:50 min/mile).
Saturday- Schiller Chiller. Ran the 10k with Erin, Kim, and Alyssa. Unfortunately the race was a mile short so we didn’t get the full distance in but I had a lovely time chatting with the girls while we were running. My Garmin also didn’t start so I have no idea our pace.
Sunday- 20 miler long run. This was not my best run by any means. My fuelbelt kept riding up, I was overdressed, I ran out of water, and I hard to restart my Garmin at mile 8. I did finish it in one piece though so I’m proud of that! (avg pace 7:47 min/mile).

Total miles: 56.2

As much as I love running and training, I’m excited to taper (in like 3 weeks ha). I’m happy with my weekly mileage increases but I can tell my body is ready for a short break. I’m also just ready to race, I started training so early because my base mileage wasn’t at an ideal place and time wise seems like I should be gearing up to race right now.

I’m proud to say that I’ve been much better about listening to my body lately as well. While I haven’t cut back on mileage, I have cut back on speed work when I think it will be too much for my body. I try not to think of this as taking the easy route but as being smart about training.

How was your training last week?