Monday- OFF
Tuesday- General aerobic 8 miler. I took it easy and felt okay- my legs were not nearly as stiff as I thought they’d be after planting my butt on the couch for three days with back pain. Fortunately my back also felt better and I didn’t have to cut the workout short (avg pace 7:51 min/mile).
Wednesday- This was supposed to be a VO2 max run but I switched some runs around due to my schedule at work and personal life (Ian going out of town and leaving early in the AM). Instead I ran a nice 5 miler (avg pace 7:31 min/mile).
Thursday- I got my 8 mile VO2 max run in with 5 x 800 m at 5k pace. I ran two miles for a warm-up and then alternated running half a mile at 5k pace (right now it’s around 6:30-6:40 min/mile) with a half mile jog. This workout was tough both physically and mentally but I felt so good afterwards (avg pace 7:24 min/mile).
Friday- Recovery 4 miler + plank. Four miles felt short and I didn’t feel like I needed a recovery run as badly as I thought I would after the VO2 max workout (avg pace 8:11 min/mile).
Saturday- General aerobic 8 miler with 8 x 100 m strides. I ran four miles to a track and then completed my strides before heading back home. My head hurt a little from girls night (;)) and the city was already busy (at 9 am!) for the Festival of Lights but I had a good run. It was nice to be out in the sun breaking a sweat (avg pace 7:37 min/mile).
Sunday- Medium long run of 14 miles. It’s always nice when you’re training for a marathon and anything under 16 miles seems short and sweet. That’s exactly how this run went. I enjoyed it, I felt good, and it seemed over before it even started (avg pace 7:41 min/mile).

Total mileage: 47 miles

I’m pretty happy with this week. I think my body needed a break from the higher mileage and I definitely see an improvement in pace by the end of the week. I also didn’t have any lingering aches and pains like I did the week before. It seems like the cut back week served its purpose.

That being said, bring on this weeks higher mileage! :P.