Marathon Training Week 13 {Goofy Challenge}

Monday – OFF
Tuesday – 7 mile recovery run with 6 x 100 m strides on the treadmill. Warnings of gusting winds up to 50 mph and a closed lakefront led me indoors to the treadmill. I ran conservatively (didn’t want to relive that bizarre treadmill soreness) but managed to get in some sub-7 min/mile strides. Strides are not easy on a treadmill! (avg pace 8:08 min/mile).
Wednesday12 mile general aerobic run (avg pace 8:00 min/mile)
Thursday - 4 mile recovery run. I took it nice and easy and enjoyed the shorter run. (avg pace 8:33 min/mile)
Friday – 10 mile lactate threshold run with 6 miles at 15k-half marathon tempo pace. I was a little nervous about doing this type of run so close to my long run but I trusted my plan and went for it. My legs took a bit to warm up but then I hit my tempo miles at 7:24, 7:36, 7:20, 7:14, 7:29, & 7:32. This was a little conservative but smart considering my long run on Sunday. (avg pace 7:42 min/mile)
Saturday – Recovery 5 miler. I wanted to run fast but held back. I even stopped to take some pictures. (avg pace 8:09 min/mile)
Sunday Р21 mile long run. Again I was nervous because it seems early to throw a 20 miler into my training but I trusted the plan. I ate a rice cake with almond butter before heading out and then fueled with 1.5 gels (starting at 8 w/ 1/4 gel every 2 miles). I also carried my new fuel belt and had one bottle filled with water and another with strawberry lemonade NUUN. My legs felt tired from all of the walking on Saturday (my mom was in town) but I pushed through and once they loosened up I felt great. I even pushed the pace a bit. When my watch hit 20 miles I was still a decent distance from home and I felt great so I decided to run the last mile, I hope I feel so good during the Goofy Challenge! (avg pace 7:35 min/mile)

Total miles: 59

I hope you all had great training weeks as well :)