Ian’s 27th

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been MIA the past few days, life has been incredibly busy. Between moving my blog over to a self-host, Ian being sick, starting my new job, and Ian’s birthday, I’ve hardly had time to sit still. I promise to be back tomorrow with a longer update but for now I want to do a picture┬árecap of┬áIan’s birthday dinner at Sunda.





5. 6.


1. Veggie Q Roll from the gluten-free vegan menu: cucumber sheet, shiitake, oshinko, avocado, asparagus, spring mix, ponzu.

2. Stuffed Avocado (for Ian): hand-cut spicy tuna covered in avocado with japanese salsa, ponzu, and crispy shallots.

3. Mushroom and Asparagus Salad: arugala, mushroom medley, ginger vinaigrette.

4. Kani Smoked Salmon (for Ian): lump crab, chives

5. Escolar and hamachi nigiri

6. Blueberry Cobbler with vanilla bean ice cream for the birthday boy

7. Avocado Mousse: avocado mousse, raspberry sauce, lychee granite, fresh raspberries (omg!)

*I have no idea why my pictures are teeny tiny, maybe I have to resize them to be bigger on my new host (suggestions? insight?).
*Also, sorry that I forgot my camera and these are iPhone pictures -> like I said, life has been crazy hectic.
*We really liked Sunda and agreed it was one of our favorite sushi places in the city!

I will see you all tomorrow with a more in-depth post!