Chobani Boka Dinner

Last night I had the chance to enjoy a wonderful dinner at Boka courtesy of Chobani. The food was fabulous and the restaurant was gorgeous but the best part of the evening was meeting and connecting with other Chicago bloggers. It was a blast!

Boka has a reputation for outstanding food; however, for last night’s event the chef prepared a 4 course menu inspired by Chobani. How cool is that! I love it when chefs get creative.

When I arrived at 7 p.m. I was greeted with a glass of wine. Not too shabby for a Wednesday night. There were already a few bloggers at the restaurant and it didn’t take long for conversation to start flowing. Appetizers were passed as well. I tried two but I can’t remember what they were (bad blogger!). One was a wheat-free falafel and the other had salmon and a yogurt sauce. Both were incredible.

A little while later we all found seats at the table.

I sat near Marisa and Cate

And Katie and Kelsey. Other bloggers at the event included Carly, Jessica, Molly, Joelen, Torey, Stephanie, and Megan. I wish I’d had a chance to talk to these ladies more but it was so nice to meet them!

Another perk of a dinner full of bloggers, consideration of food allergies. I was shocked but pleasantly surprised when our server went around and asked about dietary needs. The chef was incredibly accommodating!

Before our food came out, we were brought bread. I declined because I don’t eat gluten and was shocked when the chef sent out a flax-seed cracker. It was so delicious!

Katie and I kept trying to share these with the other bloggers but they all declined. It was truly their loss, I need to try to recreate this!

Our first course was hay roasted beets, blueberries, Chobani greek yogurt, fir tree honey, pepper wheat cracker (left off of mine).

This was incredibly tasty. The beets were phenomenal and everything went well together. I didn’t even miss the cracker!

For our second course the chef prepared soft shell crab, grilled prawns, Chobani greek yogurt grits, morel mushrooms, beet braised kohlrabi, mache.

Another great dish. The chef even prepared the gluten-free versions with rice flour. How cool is that? The crab was good but I was a sucker for the sides. Morel mushrooms and beet braised kohlrabi? Yum! The chef also prepared a vegetarian dish for individuals who didn’t eat fish or meat. I could not get over how flexible the restaurant was!

Our third course was lamb rack but as I don’t eat meat I was presented with halibut, rooibos, bulgur wheat, roasted baby vegetables, purple fingerling potatoes, fava beans, roasted eggplant and Chobani yogurt sauce.

The halibut was perfectly cooked and so flavorful. I could not get over this dish. Unfortunately, I could not eat the bulgur wheat so I moved what I could of the other stuff off to the side and dug in. Everything was pretty incredible.

Our fourth and last course was dessert. We were served a Chobani greek yogurt panna cotta with plums and honey.

It also came with a streusal topping although my panna cotta was served with a gluten-free option, almonds. This was fabulous but I was feeling pretty full and only managed a few bites. I’m not used to 4 course meals!

We all hung around for a little bit after dinner but as it was nearing 10 and many of us are early risers, we had to call it a night. We took a group picture (hopefully I can post it later) and then all parted ways.

We were also sent home with these lovely gift bags that included stickers, recipe ideas, a water bottle, and a cute lunch bag (I plan on using it today!).

All in all, I had a wonderful night. I got to eat some delicious and creative food AND connect with some local bloggers. What could be better than that?

I do want to thank Chobani for inviting me and providing an awesome menu as well as the ladies who work for Chobani and put the event together, Emily, Jackie, and Amy. Thanks for a great night :)