Woohoo! This morning I ran my first double digit run since I was trying to train for the Boston Marathon while injured and pushed my body too hard on a 16 mile run. Let’s just say you should never try to run 16 miles after taking 3 weeks off of running. It will be miserable and you will hurt yourself.

Anyway, I woke up at 5:30 and checked the weather. It was 76 degrees outside which normally for me is on the warm-side. However, after this week I will take anything in the 70′s. I got dressed, drank a protein shake, and headed out the door.

I started running on my 10 mile route with the intention of heading toward the lake. The more I thought about running on Lake Shore, the less I wanted to do it (I think I was a little sick of it from this past week) and I decided to run an out and back route instead. The sky was overcast for the first half of my run and I felt good. When my watch chirped 5 miles, I turned around and headed home.

The sun started to come out on my way home and I became really thirsty. I didn’t pack water because the Lake Shore path has plenty of drinking fountains and I was planning on running along the water for a good stretch of my 10 miles. Whoops. I spent the last 3 miles of my run searching for a water fountain. I tried open buildings, parks, schools, etc and had no luck. Around mile 9, I found a tennis court with a fountain and drank so much water it bounced around in my stomach after I started running again. I felt so much better that I didn’t care.

I’m planning on going to┬áSports Authority today to pick up a bunch of stuff. I’ll be picking up some new water bottles for my fuel belt as well (I tossed mine last year because they got gross). Lesson learned today, even when it’s not 90 degrees, I need water on my runs.


Besides the thirst debacle, I felt really strong on my run. My back and quads were sore from biking but everything else felt good :)

A long[er] run deserves a big breakfast and oats in a jar was on the menu today.

I cooked 1/2 cup oats and 1 tsp chia seeds in 11/2 cups of water. I stirred in half of a mashed and microwaved banana, about 1 T maple sugar, and 2 sliced raw dates (not dried).

I topped everything with millet granola that I made yesterday and is going fast. I cannot control myself around this stuff!

This breakfast was absolutely delicious. The jar had just the right amount of almond butter (roughly 1 T) but it was distributed evenly around the sides of the jar and not just on the bottom. Yum!

I have a few errands to run today and then I’m just planning on relaxing. I’ll be back tomorrow to recap the rest of the weekend in a Monday Things post!

Do you like oats in a jar? How do you bring water with you on a run?