Monday Things {07-02-2012}

1. My mom is amazing. On Saturday, she drove the 2.5 hours to Kalamazoo with my bike and a bag of food I left when I was there a few weeks ago. Ian and I met her, grabbed lunch, and then took the bike. I guess that makes Ian pretty amazing too. I feel very lucky for their generosity!

2. After meeting my mom on Saturday, Ian and I went to visit his old roommate’s (and brothers best friend’s) mom. Ian’s previous roommate adopted a dog about 3 months before I moved to Chicago. Unfortunately he then went to Vegas for an extended period of time and left his puppy with his mom. A three-month trip turned into a permanent vacation and his mom ended up taking the pup in for good. Ian has been dying to visit the doggie ever since and figured this was the perfect trip to do so. The dog was sweet as could be but waaay overweight. We could not believe the little guy had gotten so big. He didn’t weigh all that much less than I do… He is on a diet and attending puppy daycare so hopefully the weight will come off quickly.

3. On Sunday morning I took my new bike out for a brick workout. I had mapped a 13 mile ride but ended up missing my turn around on Lakeshore and riding all the way down to Hyde Park. Oops. I turned around and rode home, completing 16 miles in total. I dropped my bike off and headed out for a two-mile run. It was already 80 degrees at this point so I tried not to push too hard. My first mile was a 7:35 and my second a 7:04. After being in the car all day Saturday, it felt really good to sweat.

4.  The Gold Coast Art Fair was going on in Grant Park this weekend and Ian and I decided to walk over and check it out. On the way we stumbled across this urban agriculture exhibit. It was pretty cool!

5. The art show was PACKED and it was incredibly hot so after doing a lap of the tents, Ian and I found some shade to sit in and relax.

6. I was pretty worthless all weekend yesterday afternoon. I watched the Olympic trials, took an hour-long nap, watched more Olympic trials, and then Mad Men. Ian and I are 5 episodes into season 5 already. I wish the seasons were longer!

7. Sonic must have thought yesterday was his second birthday. We went to Petsmart to pick up more food and walked out with kibble, wet food, treats, and two toys. What can I say, we spoil our little furball. Of course, Ian didn’t let me take home the one thing I really wanted, the kitten that looked like he could have been Sonic’s brother.

8. I forgot to mention this last week but Ian goes out to the burbs every so often to grab wings with his guy friends. Last week Ian sent me a picture and told me he had ordered the peanut butter & jelly flavored wings that come with a jelly flavored dipping sauce. What?

9. All I did this weekend was sleep. I slept on the car ride to Kalamazoo, on the car ride home. I went to bed early. I took naps. I am not looking forward to another work week. At least it’s a 4-day week right?

10. Ian and I signed up for the Terrapin 5k in August and guess what? He suggested it! I only hope I can drink beer by the day of the race, Magic Hat is going to be supplying and #9 is one of my favorite brews.

11. I am so excited for the Olympic trials run-off tonight. Any guesses on who will win?