Monday Things {06-11-2012}

1) This past weekend was incredibly hot and next weekend doesn’t look much better. While I love warm weather, 85+ is just too hot when you live in a city.

2) Ian and I spent yesterday in Harbert, Michigan on the water. Its been so warm this spring/summer (or it never got very cold this winter) and the water in Lake Michigan was warm enough to swim. This usually doesn’t happen until late July or early August but trust me, we were not complaining.

3) I have a nut butter problem. Every time I go into Whole Foods I find another nut butter that fits into my elimination diet and I buy it. At least they keep for a while. Last night I finally stumbled across a sunflower butter that didn’t have evaporated cane juice listed in the ingredients. Yes, please!

4) I planned on sleeping in this morning and I set my alarm for the latest possible time I could wake up. Unfortunately, my body had other plans and at 6 a.m. I popped out of bed. Please tell me my internal clock is not set to wake up before 6.

5) Last night I tried to make a smoothie out of the protein shake I have to drink. While it tasted fine, the color and consistency were off. Ian kept looking at me like I was crazy for drinking a glass of black sludge.

6) I am currently reading two books, something I never do. I’m still rereading the Harry Potter books but was eager to start Eat & Run. The books are different enough that I think I can pull it off.

7) I didn’t post this last week but my mom got a new puppy. She now has an 8 week bundle of terror joy named Dharma. She’s adorable and I can’t wait to go visit her next weekend.

8) My tri is a week from the Wednesday. I can’t believe how quickly training has gone! Does anyone know how to taper for a tri?

 What was the highlight of your weekend? Mine was swimming in Lake Michigan. It was so refreshing!