The Color Run {2012}

First I want to remind my Chicago readers to enter my 5K giveaway for the Allstate 5K next weekend. I know it is short notice but the current pool is VERY small so your odds of winning are high!

Now lets get on to the Color Run.

My only complain about the run was the packet pick-up set up. Pick-up hours were 11-7 on Thursday and Friday which made it extremely difficult for people who work normal hours to get their packets. Ian and I rushed out of work on Friday at 5 and still barely made it to pick-up on time. Whew!

Besides that the race was awesome. My friend Maria from college and her boyfriend Brian came in to Chicago and spent the weekend/ran the race with us and on Saturday morning we all woke up nice and early and got dressed in our finest white.

Ian and I wore the shirts I made. The front says “Color Run” and the back of his says “first timer” and the back of mine says “support staff”.

A couple of us had forgotten sunglasses so we got in the gear line, made our purchases, and then headed to the start line.

We stood in our wave for about 10 minutes before we were off!

The Color Run was untimed (there were a lot of walkers) so we took our time and ran slowly as a group. Before we knew it we approached and ran through the first color, blue!

The course was a big circle so we ran back along the lake. It was very pretty!

Runners on the course opened their color bags (we were supposed to save them for the final toss) and I got hit in the face with some pink powder.

The clouds of color kept getting bigger and bigger. In fact the last color, yellow, was totally disorienting. You couldn’t see where you were going or who was around you. All you could see was yellow! We all got seperated during the cloud but managed to find each other and run through the finish line together. 5k completed!

There was a huge post-run color throwing party going on after the race. There was music, dancing, and throwing of color.

We hung out and got hit with some more powder!

Just a hint- don’t run through the color throws with your arms up, your armpits will get hit!

This is what the backs of our shirts looked like post-race.

After hanging out for awhile, the announcer told us that the next color toss would be happening in a few minutes. Even though our packets were no more, we decided to stay to see it. After a countdown, everyone through their color into the air. It was so cool!

My hair and face was totally covered in color after this. It was pretty awesome!

We were all starting to get hungry so we went over to the blowers (blow some of the colors off) and then headed somewhere to grab lunch. I had tilapia with mango salsa, quinoa, and broccoli. Not too bad for someone on a food allergy restrictive diet.

Thankfully most of the color came off. My shoes are a nice shade of green and so is my stomach and my back. But all of the color came off the visible areas and I’m sure the rest will come off with some more scrubbing.

We did a ton of walking and my legs were stiff this morning! I managed to run a slooow 8 miles just to loosen up my muscles. It wasn’t easy but I feel better that I did it.

Today is another busy day and I’m off to enjoy the sunshine. Have a great Sunday!