The Start of Tri Training

Yesterday marked the start of my tri training so I was up bright and early to knock out both a run and a swim. I snacked on a medjool date with some sunflower butter and a couple sips of kefir and then headed out for my run. I ran four miles along the lakeshore path and it was absolutely beautiful. I kind of love Chicago at 5 a.m! There were hardly any people out and I got to see the sun rise. Gorgeous!

My run took about half an hour and when I was finished I raced up to the apartment, put on my bathing suit, grabbed my bags, and then headed towards my gym. About 20 minutes later I jumped into the pool and swam a mile. Whew! Busy morning!

I managed to pack everything for the day (including breakfast and lunch) but my tumbler was leaking so I couldn’t pack coffee. On my way to work I decided to treat myself to Starbucks and picked up a grande iced americano with soy milk to enjoy on my commute.

Do you monitor your intake of a nutrient (or nutrients)? If so which ones and how do you do it? Besides making sure I’m getting enough of each food group, I loosely watch my protein intake but making sure at least two of my three meals involve a heavy source of protein.

Have a great day :)