A Saturday in Boston

I managed to get myself way behind on posts, so as I’m super busy this week catching up on things and won’t have too much going on, I figured I’d post my trip updates instead.

On Saturday morning I woke up and went for a 2.5 mile run. Our hotel was located right next to a small lake (or “pond” as the Bostonians call it) and I wanted to shake my legs out a bit before the race on Monday (pre-deferment decision). I put on my new compression shorts and headed out for a run. Within a mile and a half my hamstring started acting up. I’m not sure if it was the shorts (hasn’t hurt on runs since then without them) or if my legs were tired from all of the walking on Friday but this was a key sign that perhaps the marathon wasn’t ideal for my body.

Our hotel also offered a free breakfast buffet and as it was pretty decent, we ate there every morning to save some money.

I attempted to make yoatgurt but the hot water wasn’t hot enough to fully cook the instant oats. Even still, I ate the oats with granola and muffin crumbles (to soak up the extra water) and then had some yogurt and a banana on the side.

After breakfast we headed downtown to go to the expo which of course was a MOB. I picked up my packet, bought some gear (my thoughts on this in a different post), and did one lap of the expo and then I was ready to get out of there!

I also had an opportunity to speak with a GSSI Gatorade scientist about optimal fueling and hydration during a marathon. I’ll post about that in a few days as well.

By the time we left the expo, it was nearly 2 p.m. and we were hungry so we walked to a nearby bar that had outside seating and enjoyed lunch.

After a Friday full of carbs, I was ready for something green and ordered a salmon salad with lemon vinaigrette. It was really good but I have no idea why it was served with guacomole.

The restaurant claimed to have award winning clam chowder, so we all decided to split a cup as well.

Next we made our way over to the Boston Commons and walked around admiring all of the green space.

Boston has so much more green than Chicago!

We also walked down Beacon Street and over to the gardens where we sat for awhile and rested our legs.

It was such a beautiful day, not too hot and sunny!

We were all pretty tired at this point but didn’t want to miss out on anything so we rallied and headed over to Chinatown for a quick walk-through.

It was so strange to see how starkly different this Chinatown was from the one in Chicago. Nothing was centralized and there were fewer people on the streets.

We then decided to walk back to Washington Street and then head over to Faneuil Hall.

Even though we weren’t starving, we decided to grab dinner before heading back to the hotel. A quick yelp search led us to Battery Park Bar & Lounge.

I started with a Harpoon white ale.

And then had a grilled vegetable sandwich with a side salad. Hello veggies, nice to see you again!

Ian’s love for cupcakes led us to the nearby bakery, Sweet.

We picked up two to take back to the hotel. I loved the little box they came in!

In our room we enjoyed one banana split and one cherry cheesecake

The cake was incredibly moist and fresh, they weren’t quite as dense as Chicago cupcakes!

And then we promptly passed out in bed. It was a long (but really fun day) filled with lots of walking, sightseeing, and good food. What more can you ask for on vacation?