Exactly one week ago I was outside ready to start my second week of post-heel injury training when my hamstring started to act up. In fact, it hurt so badly that I couldn’t run a block without thigh locking up. It was painful and terrifying, especially since I hadn’t felt anything prior to trying to run. I decided to give it a week to heal and then attempt running again.

Well this morning was the morning to go back out there and give running a try and I was so nervous! I woke up, lazily put on my warm running clothes (it was 36 degrees!), and headed outside. I walked a few blocks to loosen my legs and did some stretching (thanks Henry!) and then I was off.

I ran a big 3.2 mile loop around my building and held a painfully slow but steady pace. I figured it was more important to see that I could run the distance pain-free than to keep a fast pace. The run was a success (wanted so badly to keep going) and I have no pain or tightness so far!

When I got home I put on my new compression sleeves, I’m planning on being extra cautious until Boston.

I’m going to leave you with this picture of Sonic sleeping on my biostatistics notes last night (sooo cute). He’s obviously not a statistician.

Have a great Tuesday!