When to Work Out and When to Take a Break

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates! I hope you have a wonderful day doing whatever you choose :)

Yesterday was a long day for me. I was exhausted, crabby, and ran into some major problems with my thesis that left me frustrated and stressed out. All I wanted to do was lace up my running shoes and head out for a quick run. I actually almost did, but I eventually reasoned with myself that it would not be smart. I would run too fast or too far and reinjure myself, all so I could burn off some steam.

I debated going to the gym but after 4 days of ellipticalling I’m not sure you could have paid me to use that machine. I also don’t like to swim when I’m stressed out. Swimming is relaxing for me and not a very good stress outlet and when I feel pressed for time or stressed out I spend the entire time in the pool counting down the laps.

So what was I to do? I could have easily forced myself to go to the gym and hoped that I would feel better afterwards but I knew that being at the gym would have felt miserable.

I decided to put on my running shoes and go for a WALK to clear my head. I walked for about 40 minutes and felt a lot better afterwards The walk is all the exercise I did yesterday AND I’m okay with it. As you all know I’m a huge cardio junkie, but every so often everyone needs a spontaneous rest day for mental health, clarity or whatever.  I tend to forget that walking is exercise too!

Do you ever have days like that? Do you still go to the gym or do you look for alternative forms of exercise?

Ian and I both were feeling drained around dinnertime and were anxious to get out of the apartment so we headed out to try a nearby restaurant Flo & Santos.

I wasn’t planning on drinking but after I saw that they had house red wine on tap, I had to try some!

Flo & Santos is known for their pizza but neither of us were in the mood so we started with a pierogi sampler (2 of each: potato and cheese, meat, and sauerkraut and mushroom).

And I had a panzanella salad.

It was good but I shouldn’t have ordered the dressing on the side. Drenched croutons are what makes a panzanella salad so tasty!

Ian ordered the polish sampler and it was HUGE.

We couldn’t believe a restaurant would serve that much food for only $11 in Chicago. That is basically unheard of in the city!

We finished the night on the couch watching Friends and I was happily in bed by 11 p.m. When did 11 p.m. become late to me??

I’m off to enjoy the day, I’ll be back later with a workout recap. Have a good one!