Busy & Frustrated

There are parts about being busy that I like but then there are days when I feel totally overwhelmed with my schedule. Like yesterday for example. I went to work all day, had a 3 hour early evening class, rushed home to drop off my backpack and grab stuff for my doctor’s appointment (dinner was a pumpkin muffin in the car), went to my doctors appointment, ran errands at Target, and then finally sat down for a late night snack of a smart dog & carrots at 10 p.m. Whew! Needless to say I feel totally disoriented today (and may be turning orange from all the orange foods I have eaten in the past 48 hours :P)

Anyway, my doctors appointment went well. My x-rays turned up negative which doesn’t mean that a stress fracture isn’t there, just that if I have one its not bad enough to show up. Also, I didn’t feel nearly as much pain (maybe none?) during the ultrasound test as last time which indicates that whatever was brewing in my heel has improved and healed a bit. I was told to continue to baby my foot by running shorter distances, wearing good shoes, and icing. I was also informed that if I do in fact have a stress fracture, I’ll know after running Boston. Wonderful.

So what did I do this morning, I went out for a run. After taking Sunday and Monday off of running, I was itching to get back out there.

Unfortunately, I only made it a block and a half before I felt pinching, sharp pain in my lower thigh/ back of the knee. At first I though it might have been nerve pain but when I massaged the area it seemed to feel better, isn’t this indicative of muscle pain? Maybe my legs just haven’t recovered from Saturday yet? Either way, I stopped running and walked back home. I guess I’ll be hitting up the gym after class this evening.

That’s where it hurts. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

I stretched and foam rolled when I got home and my leg feels better but its really hard to make any conclusions because I felt NO pain prior to running this morning. I’ve definitely been tight and stiff but not in pain.

I’m incredibly frustrated because it seems like my foot is healing but now I’m having other pains that are preventing me from running. I am pretty positive that I overdid it last week though and now that I have a 16 miler under my belt I plan on only running if I’m 100% pain-free and whatever will happen at Boston will happen.

To be honest, I miss running so much that I don’t even care how I do in the race. I would much rather run/walk it and be able to run after the race, than push too hard and have to take another 3 weeks off. Base-training is calling me and I want to log some miles!

I’m sorry for another downer post but I’m so disappointed, I want to run!!

To make up for my lack of cheer, here’s a picture of Sonic on his 8 foot scratching post (yup, you read that correctly), dangling a piece of paper in his mouth.

Have a good day!