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Three Aces {Brunch}

Three Aces is a great bar in the Little Italy section of Chicago. Ian and I used to go there all the time because they always had great beer on draft, their food is good, and we love the ambiance. Well earlier this week I was randomly reading the Red Eye (which I rarely do anymore) and saw that Three Aces had started offering a delicious brunch. I knew we had to try it.

Well today was the day. After some coffee and a cereal snack (Three Aces unfortunately does not open until 11:30 and if I am up before 9 I surely can’t wait that long to eat!), we headed over.

I rarely ever indulge with a morning cocktail but so many of their breakfast drinks sounded good and after a hard work I figured I earned it ;)

I honestly forget the name of the cocktail that I picked but it was their brunch version of a dark and stormy. In addition to the normal ingredients it also had pineapple juice and banana liquor. It was really tasty!

We had heard that everything was fairly small and sharable so we started with an order of cinnamon roll monkey bread with stout glaze.

It was fabulous. So good and not too sweet (although the small portion really helped with that!) and the glaze actually tasted like stout! Yum!

For my main I made a mistake and ordered the Fried Scrapple.

In my naivety I thought that Three Aces was just calling the breakfast “fried scrapple”, I had no idea that fried scrapple was actually fried pork scraps! Normally I would have explained the situation and asked the waitress for something in its place but I was starting to feel sicker and I wasn’t all that hungry (my appetites been off) so I just moved them off my plate and enjoyed the smoked egg and toast with fig jam.

Ian ordered the egg sandwich and loved it. It was served on a house made english muffin and he said it was really doughy. Yum!

Overall (besides the scrapple mix up) I really liked their brunch and we’ll most likely go back!

After brunch, we headed over to Fleet Feet so I could pick up some new running shoes. Ever since my injury, I’ve wondered if my heel fracture had anything to do with the Brooks Ravenna 2′s that I had purchased about three weeks prior to when I started feeling pain (I wrote more about the shoes when I purchased them here). While my new shoes were my second pair of Ravennas and I had done great with the first pair, when I went to my sports podiatrist following my injury she noted how unsupportive and broken down they seemed. After three weeks? Hmmm… Well today I learned that Brooks changed the heel area of the Ravenna in the second model so that it was less supportive. Wonderful right?

Anyway, I knew right after my heel fracture that I would need to get a shoe fitting when I started to run again and that I was most likely going to need to switch from the Ravennas and possibly even from Brooks so I went into the store today with an open mind and ready to try anything.

And guess what? After trying on Nikes, Asics, and Adidas, I was put back in the Adrenaline (model 12). Apparently, my ankles were slightly misaligned in the Ravennas causing me to overpronate and that was most likely due to the low arch and lack of extra heel support. The Adrenaline 12′s felt great (and supportive!) and even though I did not like their previous model, they worked well for me and I never suffered any injuries. After everything I’ve gone through the past 7 weeks, I’d rather be safe than sorry.


I was hoping to get a run or swim in this afternoon but when we got home I was feeling miserable and when I took my temperature I had a slight fever. No bueno. So instead of lacing up my new shoes and heading out, I popped some Tylenol, changed into sweats, and hit the couch to watch some Felicity. It was totally worth it, about an hour and a half later my chills are gone, my appetites back, and my headache is gone. Whew!

Resting is on the agenda for tonight, do you have any exciting weekend plans?

Winner of the RnR Race Entry

And the winner is……


Meghan has already been e-mailed.

A big thank you to Gatorade for this awesome giveaway and another thanks to all of you for sharing your “win from within” moments. I loved reading them so much, you guys are all amaing did you know that? ;)

I don’t have too much to report. I seem to be fighting some bug and am feeling less than 100%. But its okay because it’s the weekend and I can finally sleep!

Ian and I are going to grab brunch in a bit so I’ll be back with a recap later (we’re checking out a new place :-D). Have a wonderful Saturday morning!

Almost Wordless Thursday

First I want to thank all of you for your comments on my last post! I somehow managed to survive my capstone presentation and today have my second of three presentations this week. I’m sure you’re jealous ;).

Also, I’ve had two pain-free and hamstring-spasm free runs this week! Yesterday I completed a strong 5 miles and today another good 3. I’ve missed feeling good after a run! Fingers crossed that my hamstring continues to heal!

Lastly, if you haven’t already, don’t forget to enter my RnR race bib giveaway (half OR full marathon). The giveaway closes Friday evening, so make sure to enter before then!

I’m off to tackle another busy day. By this time next week I’ll be all done with school! Have a wonderful Thursday!

Who Wants to Run a Marathon? {Race Entry Giveaway}

Right before I left for Boston, I was contacted by a Gatorade representative with an opportunity to have a sports nutrition consultation with a GSSI Scientist at the Boston Marathon Expo. Of course I agreed and on Saturday amidst all of the craziness at the expo, I met with Matt and we talked about fueling and hydrating properly before, during, and after intense exercise. It was really helpful so I figured I’d share some of the information with you guys. Enjoy :)

  • Eating before an event tops off the body’s carbohydrate stores and the pre-event meal should be eaten 1-4 hours before exercise, contain 1-4 g/kg body weight of carb and be low in protein, fat, and fiber to minimize GI upset.
  • Athletes should drink 5-7 mL/kg body weight of fluids with sodium approximately 4 hours prior to a workout.
  • Body weight is a useful tool to measure dehydration- a 2% or more decrease in body weight may negatively affect an athletes performance.
  • The amount an athlete sweats is a good indication of how much fluid needs to be replenished- if you sweat a lot, drink a lot. However, athletes who over drink may be at risk of hyponatremia (low blood sodium concentration). This can be delayed by drinking products with sodium like Gatorade.

  • Gatorade is formulated so that it will not upset your stomach; however, if you are a heavy sweater it is ideal to drink a sports beverage first (to replenish carbs) and then drink water for sweat replacement. That way you won’t consume too many carbs too fast and have a GI upset.
  • As the time athletes work out increases, consuming carbohydrates becomes increasingly necessary (think gus, chomps, chews). It is ideal to consume carb blends that include both glucose and fructose.

  • It is crucial to restore carbs and protein post-exercise. If you have < 8 hours between workout sessions, you should aim for 1-1.2 g/kg of carb every hour post-workout session for four hours. If you have > 8 hours between sessions strive for 6-10 g/kg/day.
  • Protein intake post-workout helps the recovery process and athletes should choose a complete protein such as yogurt, milk, whey, egg, or meat. You should aim to consume about 20g of protein after training.

And now I have an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING opportunity for all of you. Gatorade has allowed me to offer up one race bib to the Rock & Roll Marathon or half marathon of the winner’s choosing (Note: this giveaway only includes the bib and does not cover travel/hotel expenses)! What a great opportunity to put all of the sports nutrition information you just learned to good use ;).

Also, no worries if you have never run a long distance race before, many of the races are later in 2012 or early 2013 so if you were thinking of maybe maybe running one in the near future, this could be your shot :).

TO ENTER: visit this site and take a look at the list of races (remember, this giveaway is for a bib only and YOU will be responsible for travel charges) and leave an entry on this post sharing a “win from within moment” you have had with running (for example running a race in not ideal conditions but PRing). Your moment can be anything that you believe shows your perserverence and dedication, just finishing a tough race counts!

I’ll leave this giveaway open until Friday at 11:30 p.m. CST and I will randomly pick a winner Saturday morning. Good luck!

Birthday Times

So as I let slip last week, today is my birthday. I can’t believe that I’m 24 already, I can remember actually being excited for my 21st birthday like it was yesterday. Time really does fly.

Speaking of turning 24, has anyone else seen this gem of a video? It’s not super hilarious but it was filmed in Ann Arbor (Go Blue!) so I have to give it some love ;).

As I spent the majority of this past weekend studying and am going to be busy today, Ian and I celebrated a little bit yesterday. First he took me shopping (aww) and then we stopped by Molly’s Cupcakes to pick up my “birthday cake”.

We ordered a cookie monster (stuffed with cookie dough) and a peanut butter nutella (filled with nutella).

Annnd we split them halfsies as per usual.

I liked the peanut butter taste but the cookie monster was my favorite. It was sweet, salty, and incredibly moist. Delicious!

Plans for the rest of my birthday include work, an exam (fun right?), and then Ian and I are meeting my dad and my step-mom (who came into town) for dinner later. This week is incredibly crazy so while I want to have a fun day, the real celebration will have to wait until post-graduation.

Have a wonderful Monday!