Last night I carbo-loaded with 1/2 of a leftover homemade calzone and cauliflower & brussels sprout mac ‘n cheeze.

Baked these for Ian.

Gave myself a stomach ache from edging off way too many pieces of gooey marshmallow pieces.

Watched some episodes of Felicity


And then went to bed early so I could rest up for today’s 19 miler!!

Unfortunately the sugar-induced stomach ache persisted into this morning and I woke up feeling not so hot. I somehow managed to force down 1/2 a whole wheat pita, peanut butter, and chia seeds as pre-run fuel.

Oh yeah and those banana slices? I would really like to be able to add banana to my pb toast before runs but in the past it hasn’t worked for me. I gave it a shot again this morning and the verdict was the same. Banana burps are really unpleasant.

I also can’t find my Garmin sync stick-thing (and I’m rushing to get out the door) so I can’t post my splits but I will say the first half of my run felt amazing. I was running along at a great clip, feeling strong, and enjoying the weather (we had a perfect morning for winter running). Then when I hit my turn around point I realized that the wind had previously been at my back and now I had 6 miles straight into the wind (miles 13-18), wonderful. I knew it would be hard but I also knew it would make me a better runner so I pushed myself to complete my route as planned, wind or no wind.

And the wind in Chicago, is no joke.

I fueled during the run by eating 1/2 a date every 2 or 2.5 miles (starting at mile 9). This seemed to be the best strategy for me thus far so I’m going to keep using it and plan on it for Boston. The dates sit so much better in my stomach than energy gus or chews.

Overall I averaged a 7:34 min/mile and finished in 2:28 (when I find my Garmin thingy I will update my splits).

Ian and I have plans for an early lunch but I knew I should eat something within 30 minutes of completeing my run so I blended a pre-made protein shake with a banana and topped it with some Love Crunch granola (it sunk :( ).

Alright my lunch date awaits- have a wonderful Sunday!