pvBody Update

So I know I’m definitely not the first blogger to post about this but I wanted to make sure to address the pvBody changes.

As you may have heard, pvBody has decided to launch their own new line of athletic wear, Ellie. Instead of sending out designer clothes at a discount price, starting February 1st, pvBody will allow subscribers to pick two pieces from the constantly changing Ellie line each month.

I spoke with one of the lovely ladies that I had been working with about the change and she assured me that the Ellie clothing is beautiful and functional and that the company has implemented an entirely new customer service department (the old one was the source of a lot of common complaints). She was very understanding and apologetic regarding the way regular customers had been treated and assured me it has been improved.

I first heard about this change while I was in Florida and I did my best to ignore the unsettling feeling in my stomach. However, when I returned home I knew what I had to do. First, I wanted to make sure I told all of you. I have really enjoyed working with pvBody and had a great experience with the clothes I received. However, after hearing about the changes occurring, I canceled my own membership and I thought many of you might want to do the same. Second, I stepped down from my ambassador position at the company. While I really hope Ellie is successful, I didn’t feel comfortable working with or promoting a company that so drastically changed it’s concept. Not to mention all of the little issues that had been popping up among the customers.

Anyway, that is my final take on pvBody. While I enjoyed my experiences with them, I know not everyone was so lucky. Remember, if you wish to unsubscribe, just log in to your account and cancel your next shipment.

I’ll be back tomorrow with an update on running!