Daily archives: February 11th, 2012

Trip Success

After an english muffin with jam and butter courtesy of the motel’s “continental breakfast”, Ian and I hit the road ready to brave the bad weather. Apparently our hotel was in a snow vortex, and after driving three miles on the highway, the snowstorm completely stopped. Finally! The roads weren’t ideal but the visability was a thousand times better than last night. I’m really glad we ended up crashing at a motel last night instead of trying to finish out the drive!

We drove for an hour and a half and then stopped to pick up water, coffee, and a banana and to let Sonic run around the car and use his litter box. After the little creature was tired out, we completed the last leg of the trip. Whew, safe and sound in Michigan. It only took us how long?  ;)

We also ended up stopping for lunch on the road because we were both huuungry. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any “healthy” options and ended up eating at Wendy’s. I’m fairly anti-fast food plus I’m a pescatarian so it was difficult finding something healthy and filling for lunch. I settled on the Baja salad without the chili. I figured the guacamole would help keep me full (it did).

It was okay, actually better than expected, and the guacamole was surprisingly good. It wasn’t a complete loss, but I wish we could have found something better.

Because we lost so much time en route, the afternoon was spent running errands like finding new wiper blades, a quick grocery trip, and buying new running shoes and a spibelt.

I’ve been to running stores in Chicago but I just can’t find one that I love as much as Hansons so I always wait until I come home to buy new shoes :)

We also took my mom out to dinner at a Japanese grill & sushi bar called Katana.

I have an 18 mile run in the morning (given it isn’t too cold or snowy), so I was more than ready to carbo-load with some sushi :P

I started with a spicy seaweed salad. I liked it but not as much as a normal seaweed salad.

Then, Ian and I split some sushi rolls.

From left to right:

  • Rice Krispy- tuna, avocado, spicy creamy sauce, & scallions rolled in tempura flakes
  • Tattoo- spicy yellowtail, avocado, pickled radish, moochie paste with smelt roe
  • Spicy Salmon (back)- inside out roll with spicy creamy sauce

Even though we all had full bellies, after dinner, we haaad to go to one of our favorite Michigan spots, TCBY. I had a small pistachio cone with sprinkles. I didn’t take a picture but it looked a lot like this.

Well, I’m off to relax, I’m beat and have a busy day tomorrow including an 18 miler, a Michigan basketball game, and then a drive back to Chi-town.

Have a wonderful Saturday night!

What did you do this weekend?

Unexpected Stayover

Hello from the Mitten, although our trip so far (yes, I said so far), has not been as expected. Let me rewind…

We left Chicago around 5:30 last night. The weather was bad but we kept hearing the snow was lake effect snow so we figured that if we could get out of Chicago and through Indiana we’d be in the clear. Boy were we wrong (image source).

Our first clue should have been how long it took to get out of the city. An extra hour in traffic can be expected on Friday’s, but two? Definitely ridiculous. Also, once we got to Indiana, the snow stopped falling quickly but the wind increased. The snow blowing across the highways looked like sand and there were times when we couldn’t see more than 2 feet in front of the car. It was terrifying (image source).

We probably should have stopped there or turned around but we kept thinking that once we got into Michigan and away from the lake it would get better. But it didn’t. We crossed the state lines and the weather worsened, plus there were less cars on the highway. Fewer cars means less light to see, and it was getting near impossible to see the curves in the road. It was around this point that we exited the highway and reassessed the situation (image source).

A quick call to my mom informed us that the storm cloud stretched across the entire state of Michigan. As we were looking at another 3 hours in the car, we decided that the safest thing would be to find a place to stay the night (image source).

Although even this was tricky. We were travelling with Sonic (he travels really well so we take him with us!) and we needed to find a hotel that would allow pets. Fortunately (or maybe not so fortunately) the first place we tried, a Super 8, allowed pets (with a small fee). Just happy to be off the roads, we booked a room (image source).

Honestly, it could have been a lot worse. It was nothing fancy but had a bed, lots of room, and a t.v. My only complaint was the heat. It was freezing cold when we arrived and the radiator didn’t sufficiently warm up the room until 1:45 in the morning when I woke up sweating, and then, the only way I could cool the room down was to turn the radiator off completely. But, I’ll take safety over luxury any day.

Our first priority last night was to get Sonic situated. We put his food in the coffee pot (improvising here!) and filled a Super 8 cup with water.

I was worried he would be a diva about having to eat out of a plastic bag in a coffee pot but he was good about it. I definitely heard him munching throughout the night ;)

Next on our to-do list was order pizza. After driving for hours in horrible weather, we were both hungry and needed a little something. As there was no way to have adult beverages delivered to us, pizza was the next best thing.

35 minutes later, a hawaiian pizza from Papa John’s was delivered to our motel room. Best decision ever!

After setting the retro alarm for an early wakeup (we want to get out of here ASAP), we crashed hard.

Unfortunately, it’s still snowing right now, although the forecast looks like it should taper off soon, so I’m blogging, Ian’s still sleeping, and Sonic is racing around the room like crazy.

Here’s to hoping we can get on the road soon!