The First Snow

So, I have exciting news for you all, Chicago had its first snowfall! Granted we’ve only accumulated about 1/4 of an inch so far but its so pretty to see the white ground!

I was planning on running outside this morning but knew it was going to be cold and icy so I made sure to really “gear-up”.

I wore my warmest running pants. They’re made by Brooks and while they’re not tights, the legs are pretty narrow so I don’t trip over myself (this happens with sweat pants). They’re also lined with light fleece so they keep me nice and warm without making me too hot.

Also, see that little pocket on my shoe- that’s a key pouch and I use it to hold my keys while running. The keys don’t bounce or jiggle and I don’t even know they’re there!

I also wore my heavy winter gloves. I love this picture, it looks like I have a robot arm.

The little pouch on top of the glove has a flap and when you open it some fabric comes out that you can wrap around your fingers like a mitten. It helps when its super windy to have another layer on your fingers!

I also wore my headband to keep my ears warm.

I went out for a slow 5 mile run. It was slippery and icy in patches and the last thing I want to do right now is get injured, so I took it easy. I’m also hoping that my street gets better at salting because the sidewalks were in pretty scary condition.

When I got back from my chilly run, all I wanted was a nice warm breakfast. So, I made Kath’s Banana Cottage Cheese oats (recipe- although I couldn’t find the actual recipe for the banana version so I used this one and subbed 1/2 banana for the pumpkin).

I topped mine with some granola and sunflower seed butter.

It was amazing. Don’t be afraid to add cottage cheese to oatmeal :P

I had mine with some coffee and soy creamer

I have a busy day, I’m meeting with my advisor and going into my internship. I have to make sure I’m on track to get my master’s degree next May!

Have a good one!