Things I Did Today

Today I…

1) Wrote 3 full pages of statistics code that translated into a 34 page biostatistics homework assignment. Geeze.

2) Ogled over the new J Crew catalog. I will seriously flip through this thing 5 more times before I toss it out. I love pretty clothes.

I also seriously want these leggings. Too bad they’re $98

3) Ate the fastest lunch ever as I was running out the door: chicken-less pulled chicken on two types of bread and a side salad with the chick’n that didn’t fit on the sammie :P

4) Met a dear, old friend for tea and talked for three hours straight. I had a hibiscus apple steamer, so good!

5) Gave the furbaby lots of kisses because seriously, who wouldn’t love this little face?

6) Made a ghetto-fied version of Mama Pea’s Tater Tot Casserole. I actually shouldn’t even call this a tater tot casserole as all the grocery stores were out of tots and we had to¬†use crinkle fries instead. Fail.

At least it still tasted good :P

Have a great night!